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Did Mandy get royal treatment on Daddy's boat last night on 'Deadliest Catch'?

Daddy was ready to hand his little girl Mandy the moon on the F/V Northwestern last night.
Daddy was ready to hand his little girl Mandy the moon on the F/V Northwestern last night.

Did greenhorn Mandy Hansen get preferential treatment on the Northwestern in last night’s episode of “Deadliest Catch”? Short answer: Of course she did. She’s Daddy’s little girl. Anybody who thought she would NOT get preferential treatment aboard the crab fishing boat, well, you were just in denial. But, did she get an easy ride? No, she worked and worked hard. She did not ask for any favors. She was simply treated with respect.

The way Mandy was treated on the Northwestern last night was actually a good lesson for all of the captains--hopefully, they were watching and taking notes. If they would treat their greenhorns, whoever they are, with some measure of respect, they might keep a few more of them. True, they would not keep all of them--it is a hard, grueling job, regardless of the personal work environment--but they would no doubt keep the ones who are up to the work but just do not take kindly to being treated like a piece of trash on the deck.

Now, of course, there is no need--and should be no expectation--that a greenhorn be brought into the wheelhouse to set a string. That was a Captain Daddy move--and, it should be noted, not an opportunity that Mandy asked for, either. She seems set on doing her job, doing it well, and fitting in with the crew as best she can. Sig, on the other hand, is still her dad, and he wants to protect his little girl--and be the best dad ever. So, in such a scenario, no doubt he thought bringing her into the wheelhouse to set a string by herself would be the equivalent of letting her go into the candy store and pick all of her favorite treats, then getting her ice cream on top of that, for good measure. Of course, it just served to create tension for the crew--Jake’s obvious feelings of jealousy and resentment of natural-born Hansens stepping in front of him was clear, when he noted that he had NEVER been offered the opportunity of setting even one string. And, to be honest, even Uncle Edgar did not appear thrilled with the move. But, hopefully, they will realize that’s Sig’s thing, not Mandy’s--the girl is giving it her all. And, after all, her "My Little Pony" string did hit on the crab--not that any of the credit for that goes to the greenhorn, of course. Truthfully, the string "Mandy" set was just Sig's string with Mandy pushing buttons as Daddy told her to push them--nothing for you to get worked up over, Jake.

She did a great job, it appeared; she was not complaining, even as she obviously got more and more tired. On THE BAIT, she talked about how it took three weeks for her fingers to get back to a normal, un-swollen state. But, the conditions she was working under last night were idyllic for a crab fisherman; how will she do when the Bering Sea decides to rear its ugly head?

Stay tuned.

"Deadliest Catch" airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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