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Did Mama Joyce stop Kandi's wedding?

On Sunday April 5, 2014 CNN reported that Kandi Burruss's wedding went off without a hitch on Friday April 4, 2014.

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker tied the knot on Friday April 4, 2014.
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for VH1

Burruss and Todd Tucker, of Bravo TV's "Real Housewives of Atlanta", have had a rocky saunter into love. Burruss's mother, "Mama Joyce", wanted to make sure that Kandi did not go down the aisle with Tucker. The many trials and tribulations she caused played out on the hit reality show on Sunday nights.

Gossip blog, Straight from the A, reports that not only did Mama Joyce attend the wedding, she walked Burruss down the aisle. Burruss's attendants included Charlotte, NC native and Broadway star Fantasia Barrino. Burruss created social media accounts to showcase her march into bridal bliss which can be seen on Twitter and Instagram under the name "BridalKandi".

The five ways Kandi overcame Mama Joyce's meddling

  1. Burruss loved her mama anyway.
  2. Burruss stood her ground.
  3. Tucker had her back.
  4. The "streets talking" became less important than Burruss and Tucker's relationship.
  5. Mama Joyce gave up.

Mama Joyce was a force to be reckoned with on "RHOA". She threw tantrums and shoes at Burruss's best friend, Carmen, whom according to Mama Joyce and "the streets" was having a sordid affair with Tucker. Mama Joyce paid a lot of attention to "the streets talking" and seemingly stopped paying attention to the relationship between Burruss and Tucker.

Despite her best friend and her man's objections, Burruss continued to love her mother through all of her shenanigans. The love Burruss showed her mother eventually cooled Mama Joyce down. Although she continued to object, Mama Joyce took her nose out of Burruss's business. Had Kandi turned on her mother, Mama Joyce probably would have fought even harder to keep her daughter and ruin Burruss's relationship. In this case, love conquered all.

What helped Burruss along the way was that Tucker encouraged her to stand up for herself and address her mother in an adult manner. Tucker had her back, and as it continues to play out on the show, he took steps to resolve the conflict between he and Burruss's mother. The now husband and wife stood as a united front and their relationship became more important than what "the streets" had to say about it.

Once Mama Joyce realized that she could not end the Burruss-Tucker union, she backed down.

A true sign of a mature relationship is one that can withstand outside influences...even when the outsider is a loved one. Any couple who wants to progress together has to stand as a united front against obstacles that are laid before them. In order to bind your union, you have to be a team. That team is above all else and all others.

It seems like Burruss and Tucker found a way to work as a team and overcame one of the biggest obstacles a couple might face...a messy in-law.

Congratulations to the Tuckers!

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