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Did Malaysian prime minister rush to judgment without evidence about airplane?

Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
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Did Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak rush to a premature judgment recently when he announced that, "We must assume beyond any reasonable doubt MH 370 has been lost and no one on board survived?" Relatives of Chinese passengers aboard the vanished plane charged the Malaysian embassy in anger this morning after hearing the shocking announcement without any hard evidence to back it up, according to CNN News.

Sean Hannity on Fox News also wondered, "Where is the hard evidence here? Where are the pieces of the airplane floating in the water which have been matched up to the airplane?"

Aviation attorney Arthur Rosenburg was concerned about the language "beyond any reasonable doubt" employed by Razak. Rosenburg recalled that Inmarsat employees using words such as this is the "best fit" with the ping evidence and Chris McLaughlin even saying, "Nothing is final."

The math-based process Inmarsat evidently used to reach its conclusion the plane crashed into the South Indian Ocean was "groundbreaking", according to senior vice president Chris McLaughlin. It was also heartbreaking....if accurate.

Inmarsat officials also said it was the "most likely" result based on their math.

Attorney Rosenburg said he was disturbed that Inmarsat's quote of "most likely" was transformed into "beyond any reasonable doubt" by Razak.

Is the Malaysian government just tired of this bothersome situation about the missing plane and 200 plus souls and wanting to put the whole story to bed? Are they weary of these pesky foreign journalists asking wearisome questions?

That's what it certainly sounded like to many skeptics of the prime minister's sudden, definitive statement without any hard evidence that the plane was in the ocean and the passengers were all dead. Did he rush to a judgment which would silence all the critics of him and his state run airline?

The scary thing is that the Malaysians want to maintain control of the investigation.

Normally, an aircraft is not officially declared crashed into an ocean without some sort of debris matched up to the serial number of the aircraft or an identifiable component such as a wing.

Something just doesn't seem right with the Malaysian government's handling of this situation.

Sorry, Nazib. But in an American court of law, you haven't proven anything beyond a reasonable doubt.

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