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Did Love & Hip Hop Go Too Far Sharing Bambi's MISCARRAIGE? #LAHHATL

Did Vh1 Go Too Far?
Did Vh1 Go Too Far?
Courtesy: Instagram

As you are probably noticing, I am focusing more on creating quality instead of quantity and talk about Reality TV less, but of course I still watch it.

So I was watching my Monday night sleaze Love and Hip Hop ATL and one of the castmembers, Bambi is seeing Lil Scrappy (I know, a lot of animals, right?)...anyway...Bambi was pregnant and ended up having a miscarriage. I was watching and kinda forgetting the usual side-eyes that I give reality TV as I gobble it up...because I thought that it was kind of a real moment on reality TV, which is rare. But did it go too far?

Was this moment of losing a child too far to go on television and showing a man and woman's perspective as if happens?

Or was it just right? It was actually perfect because while the lighting was good and it was clearly staged, I think that it was extremely relatable. I am generally a private person, but I loved the almost real glimpse into their lives of a little life that came and went and how it made both the potential mother and father feel. I also loved how the Notorious Mama Dee came over and brought Bambi soup. She even talked about a miscarriage of her Mama Dee does have a heart.

Reality TV isn't real anymore, it is just staged conversations and people "film" and "turn up" on cue. Example Nene Leakes and Mama Joyce from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

But I kinda liked this. Although it was a really sad moment (and I DID question if the girl was ever really pregnant or not), I liked the rawness and the realness of it.

Did you watch this episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? What do you think about really sharing authentic moments in your life on camera?

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