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Did Kelly Rowland make the right choice in firing Matthew Knowles?


Some would say that Kelly Rowland is a fool for parting ways with Matthew Knowles, but you have to put things into perspective. At the end of the day, his other artist Beyonce Knowles is his daughter. As much as he would try to do right by Rowland, his love for Beyonce alone would mean that she comes first and everyone else comes last.

Online readers have tried to turn the split into a drama, but both Knowles and Rowland appear to have left on good terms. Both released statements shortly after it was first reported.

Matthew Knowles:

“After a very positive meeting between Kelly Rowland and myself, we have amicably agreed to end our professional relationship. My company, Music World, will continue to manage Destiny’s Child as a group. As an artist Kelly has incredible talent and I only wish her the best. We will always be family first and foremost and as a dad I can only have love for Kelly.”

Kelly Rowland:

“Matthew Knowles has been a positive influence in my career. I have had great success under his guidance–both as a member of Destiny’s Child and with my solo projects. Although we have decided to part ways professionally, the Knowles family and the entire Music World Entertainment team will always be my family.”

Fans of Rowland are happy with the split and feel that she should have gotten a new manager years ago. They say that Kelly may have a better career now if she was not held back by Matthew as he pushed Beyonce towards the A-list.

It is a bit unfair to blame Matthew Knowles on Rowland’s lack of mainstream success. Kelly is a good singer, but Beyonce is a better singer and overall performer. However, one fan did comment that Rowland was a great actress and should have pursued that avenue instead of a singing career.

Matthew Knowles now manages:

  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Solange Knowles
  • Destiny’s Child
  • From Above (Girl group)


  • Lonn67 5 years ago

    It is your opinion that Beyonce' is a better singer than Kelly, an opinion I disagree with. Kelly sing just as good, if not better than Beyonce' and that's my opinion too. Matthew Knowles pushed Beyonce' career first and foremost and that's his prerogative to do so. Now that Kelly is away for that camp, we will see her shine as a singer and as an actress. And yes, she a much better actress than Beyonce' too.

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