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Did Jon Gosselin fake the phone call to Kate on ‘Couples Therapy?’

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin has been dealing with his issues on “Couples Therapy” and he has expressed lots of anger in regards to his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. She won’t be coming on to the show to address their issues, but Jon has been doing plenty of talking for the both of them. And on the previous episode of the show, he pretended to get off the phone as if they had just talked to one another. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 3, Jon Gosselin is now being accused of faking the phone call to Kate Gosselin on the previous episode of the show.

“Kate never talked to Jon on the phone during his “Couples Therapy” tryst,” a source has revealed. “In fact, Jon and Kate haven’t actually spoken on the phone in years; they just text. But either way, the entire scene with Jon exploding and going off on Kate was just something he orchestrated to make himself relevant on the show and make sure he got screen time.” On the show, he complained about Kate not letting him see his children.

However, Jon has been sharing his thoughts on Kate on this season of the show, and he revealed that she had launched a lawsuit against him. “It’s narcissistic, bullsh*t behavior. And she can go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants! She can tweet and have a f**kin’ website dedicated to them, every f**kin’ book she’s ever put out because she wants to keep being on television which is never gonna f**kin’ happen, so she can f**kin’ die,” he raved after the supposed phone call. “There’s your honest depiction of Kate Gosselin. Piece of f**king sh*t. What a sh*tty human being.”

What do you think of his thoughts? Do you think he is making her look worse by faking the phone call?