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Did Jimmy Carter break with reality?

Carter thinks Muslims hold the key to peace
Carter thinks Muslims hold the key to peace
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Although most individuals, whether Republican or Democrat, agree that Former President Jimmy Carter was essentially inept at foreign policy and most other tasks designated to the Commander-in-Chief. However, many Americans are sickened beyond belief at his statements this past Saturday when speaking to attendees of the Islamic Society of North America. The first American president to speak at this convention, Carter began his speech by saying that the key to peace in the Middle East is “the principles of Allah.” Muslim militant groups and terrorists, including ISIS share Carter's belief as they indiscriminately slaughter Christians and Jews. This leads many people to wonder what type of music Carter hears in his head when he makes such statements about the supposed “religion of peace,” which in reality is the religion of hate and murder, according to many familiar with Islam.

Carter stated that peace between Muslims and Jews in the Middle East is a realistic dream. Perhaps in the playground of his mind it is indeed a reality to have peace between those who love peace and those whose motto is “convert you or kill you.” He also made many pro-Palestinian statements, while saying little about the rights of those being slaughtered for their faith–Christians and Jews, as always. In a magnificent spirit of confusion, he then went on to speak about preventing violence against women. Some people are of the opinion that he should visit the Middle East, where women are treated worse than animals in most cases if he is concerned about equal rights between the sexes. Perhaps his eyes would open a little regarding the supposed “peaceful religion.” In the opinion of some, he is either sincerely confused or the 60s were just really good to him.