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Did her views on autism put Jenny McCarthy on Oprah's S list

This is a rhetorical question. No answer required. Oprah Winfrey has interviewed celebrities ranging from the famous to the infamous. Her interviews follow the latest news. However, these talks are not always commensurate with the “newsworthy”.

Given that Oprah gave Ms. McCarthy multiple forums to blast the medical community regarding her son's autism, would she be surprised that his autism diagnosis has simply evaporated?

Reported by Karl Taro Greenfield for Time Magazine online : The Autism Debate: Whose Afraid of Jenny McCarthy: Parents of autistic children call Jenny McCarthy an inspiration, but doctors say she's a menace to public health. How a former Playmate and television loudmouth became one of the most feared mothers in America. Ms. McCarthy has recanted her son's diagnosis and is apparently reforming some of her stances on vaccines. Many families in the autism community are outraged.

One might concur that Ms. McCarthy's current role on The View spawned recent quotes: video (here) "I just have to learn how to censor myself". Perhaps Barbara Walters has shamed Jenny just a little bit; maybe the word is tamed, especially following Jenny's Anti-Semitic comments and subsequent public dressing down by Ms. Walters.(listen here)at 987the

On another note, Nadya Suleman, infamously known as “Octomom” paralyzed the media, as she gave birth to 8 children when she already had one son with autism. She too, found attention on the Oprah show. I wrote a piece in April 2009:

Jenny McCarthy and Nadya Suleman share a commonality. They both worked in "exotic entertainment". They both enjoy the limelight .They both have a child with autism. They both love their children.
Their children are also the catalyst that has propelled them into their own particular "reality shows". Ms Suleman has unwittingly invited public scrutiny due to octuplet fame, while Ms. McCarthy has gleaned surveillance due to her role as an autism and anti-vaccine activist.
I worry about the message that Ms. McCarthy imparts to the vulnerable parents out there who believe that there is a "step by step guide to heal their child". Those exact words were spoken by Jenny McCarthy as she was promoting her new book to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America.

And then came the Oprah shows, as Jenny, flanked by her boyfriend and self- professed “autism whisperer” Jim Carrey were given a platform to talk about autism. Mr. Carrey's website states: Jenny came on The Oprah Show to discuss Evan's battle with autism. At that time, she described Jim as "the autism whisperer."

Not a bad gig for Jenny from the P (Playboy). She morphed her child's illness into a career. I blanched when Jenny McCarthy was offered a show on Oprah's OWN network. We may never know the story, but the show evaporated, as did her son's autism. Now, Ms. McCarthy "fears" Oprah "scared she would beat me up....oh oh oh no Oprah", as told to Andy Cohen. She believes herself to be on Oprah's S list. Sad, just sad.

Jenny McCarthy can make decisions for her own child. She can even sell his story to further sell her story. However, and this is a huge caveat: Ms. McCarthy self proclaims her presence as The Voice of Autism. I now say "Oh oh oh no Jenny" You are not. Move on.

My child, and all the thousands of individuals legitimately diagnosed, are the collective voice of autism.

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