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Did Floyd Mayweather Order A Mob-Style Beating?


Mayweather (seen here with Canelo Alvarez), apparently ordered a "sitdown" that got ugly.

According to TMZ, my bff Floyd Mayweather decided to get his "Godfather" on. Allegedly, "Money" set up a meeting that turned into a beating, after a few chumps helped themselves to the champ's jewels. Personally, if this is all true (I doubt it- but its gaining some traction), the Michael Corleone in me doesn't have a problem with it. But then again, I’ll just say that’s the cinema in me, don’t want anyone thinking I’m some sort of proponent of violence.

Boxing is a non-contact sport… right? ;)

In other news, "The Boss" weighed in on Adrien Broner with some interesting remarks recently. He had quite a few revealing things to say – while all but admitting he has engaged in very selective opposition – in dressing down Broner and providing insight into his collective psyche. Take it away Floyd...

"I tried to tell him about certain moves he needs to make in certain fights. And then he asks me a question and I'm telling him or I'm teaching him different moves - he says 'naw big brother, I got it, I got it.' And I said 'listen to me, it's different at this level. The way that you're shining on D-level fighters and C-level fighters, you're not going to be able to do that to A and B-level fighters."

Floyd Mayweather

The great thing about what he just said there is he'll get to demonstrate the difference between HD and regular viewing, with respect to himself and Broner, as he wages war with the savage punching WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana on May 3rd.

Then again, gangster tough guy Maidana, may prove to be that cable company who shuts everything down and “whacks” him.

We will see.

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