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Did eBay suspend your account for no reason?

eBay rarely suspends sellers for no reason.
eBay rarely suspends sellers for no reason.

This is a common complaint on eBay message boards, Facebook groups, and online communities who discuss eBay and other selling platforms. A seller may wake up one morning to an email from eBay that states the seller's account has been suspended indefinitely and all listings are gone. The seller usually contacts eBay by phone, in a panic, only to find out he was repeatedly warned. Unfortunately, too many sellers aren't paying attention to the criteria for standard or above standard selling performance and their accounts are being closed. This is a good thing for the eBay Community as eBay only wants to offer exceptional service to customers.

If you are an eBay seller, it is your responsibility pay attention to the criteria eBay requires to keep your account in good standing. eBay isn't concerned with the fact that you are a single parent trying to make extra money online, or a college student paying his tuition from eBay sales. eBay is concerned with the buyer's experience. Here are 5 tips for keeping your account in good condition and avoiding a suspension.

1. Ship packages on time. As a seller, you can set your handling time - the time it takes you to get the package in the mail. If you can't commit to 1-day handling, don't set the handling time for 1-day. Follow through on what you commit to do. 1-Eay handling will help listings appear higher in search results and help sellers achieve Top Rated Seller status, but don't commit to something that isn't feasible.

2. Ship packages using eBay's shipping workflow and include tracking. eBay can access this information and verify that sellers are shipping items as promised, and packages are delivered. Shipping through eBay will help your metrics.

3. Respond to open cases and customer questions immediately. This does not mean to issue refunds immediately, simply respond to the cases so that both eBay and the customer are informed that you are willing to work things out. Ignored cases will result in suspended accounts. eBay wants sellers to offer exceptional service and ignoring a customer's message is not acceptable.

4. Understand what DSRs are and check your seller dashboard daily. If there is a problem, address it immediately. eBay wants to see that sellers are working to keep their accounts in good order.Ignorance is not a defense. EBay sends emails on a regular basis to inform sellers of changes in DSR status. Read about DSRs here. Also, always read any messages or emails eBay sends out. They are sending this information for a reason.

5. Describe items in great detail as accurately as possible, and show lots of pictures. Describe like there are no photos, and take photos like there are no descriptions. Take photos of flaws and mention them in the description area. It is ok if the item isn't perfect, the customer needs to know what he is buying and it is the seller's responsibility to explain what he is selling in detail. Due diligence in this area will reduce the number of Item Not as Described cases and low DSR's for item description. Take your time when listing items.

eBay does not make decisions to close accounts arbitrarily. eBay wants customers to be satisfied so they will have a favorable view of the marketplace. Selling on eBay isn't a game, it is serious business.

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