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Did Delilah love him back?


     The story of Delilah is one of love and deception. Delilah was a temptress and possibly a woman of 'the night' , but was she as evil as she was depicted to be? Or was she following orders, and therefore showing traits of a true and loyal female Philistine soldier.

     Delilah was propositioned with money for the task of using her prowess to find out what made Samson as strong and powerful as he was. Samson was already in love with the woman described to be beautiful and seductive before she took the Philistine’s offer. Seemingly if she loved him back, she would not have accepted the offer.
Three times she asked him, without beating around the bush, what would take away his strength. Three times he gave a blatantly untrue answer. They were ridiculous claims of strings and ropes, and each time Delilah would take this insight as true and trustworthy information and test it in hopes that it would work.
At this point Samson appeared to recognize what was happening and appeared to be not-so blinded by Delilah’s beauty after all. So she questioned that admiration. (Judges 16:15-17)
In her final attempt she played the guilt game that so many know so well. It was the “If you love me” game. This confrontation switched the control to Delilah. Samson became nagged- daily. This was so much that he tired of the nagging and relinquished the information if only to free himself.
He told her that he was blessed by God from birth. He had never poisoned his body with wine and that he had never shaved his head. He revealed to her the secret of his heart, that if his hair be cut, that he would surely become weakened.
Delilah did not take the time to test his claim this time. She immediately sent for the Philistine officials. And they came and brought her the money they had promised.
They too did not test the claim before giving her the money. That night Delilah apparently wooed Samson until he comfortably laid his head upon her lap and fell asleep. Once his slumber was established Delilah called for “a man” to come and shave Samson’s hair.
The scripture does not explain why Delilah helped the Philistines perform the act when that is not what was asked of her originally. It also does not give details as to who the “man” was, or why Delilah didn’t just cut the hair herself.
Samson had seven locks of hair, which were quickly removed from his head. Delilah awakens Samson by calling out to him, “The Philistines are upon you!” Samson woke up feeling that he would be able to break away from whatever injustice was done as he had done before- still believing that the Lord was still with him. But this time before he could establish himself, he was attacked and taken down and his eyes were gouged out as he was tortured and thrown into prison.
At this moment there is no more mention of Delilah at all. Eventually, the hair on Samson's head begins to grow back. This was believed to be favor from God in Samson’s heart and one day as Samson's recovering strength was being used for public entertainment he destroyed the whole arena and everybody inside including himself, for he had prayed to God, “Let me die with the Philistines.” (Judges 16:30)
There is no mention as to whether Delilah was killed in the building that was destroyed, but it is mentioned that Samson killed more people in his death, than while he was living.
Usually this is where the story of Samson and Delilah ends, but if you read ahead just a few scriptures, after Samson is buried there begins a new story of a young man who has decided to return eleven hundred pieces of silver to his mother from whom it was stolen.
This is the exact amount that was awarded to Delilah.
There is no mention of emotion on the part of Delilah- only her determination to get that reward. The money meant way more to her than love.
Perhaps she is one of the first “Gold diggers” ever.
Selena Winston
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