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Did Carnival Triumph Disaster ‘Poop Cruise’ Cause Permanent Mental Injury?

Carnival Triumph sleeping on deck' - Poop cruise' witness  I'm 'mentally injured'
Carnival Triumph sleeping on deck' - Poop cruise' witness I'm 'mentally injured'
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Even the memory of the days of sleeping in and around the strangling stench appears to cause many of the passengers on the ill-fated Carnival Triumph cruise ship to sob and relive the horror of a year ago, according to CNN. The ship filled with passengers headed out for a relaxing fun-filled sea excursion only to have it turn into a four day nightmare after the cruise ship lost all power after a fire on board the vessel.

The result of the fire damage left the sea goers with no power and toilets overflowing into hallways. They had to exist on scant food and rationed water and filth that many passengers are still allegedly recuperating from according to a federal lawsuit they filed In Miami, Florida against the Carnival Cruise line.

The graphic memories, according to former passenger Kimberly Northom Townsend makes her breakdown and reduces her to tears. She along with 31 others passengers on board the ship are looking to collect damages from the company. The central question is based on what exactly are the current injuries that the passengers are suffering now and could a disastrous trip from a year ago leave them with grievous mental injury?

It appears that the U.S. District Judge Donald Graham has already granted the former passengers a bit of a legal leg to stand on. He ruled that, “Carnival is liable and responsible for the fire on board the Triumph because of negligence on the part of the company, according to CNN.

Yet, when you enter upon a cruise ship do you expect for it to be a ‘poop free’ voyage with a guarantee to have all the wholesome food and beverages you should be entitled too? Unfortunately for the mentally damaged voyagers the judge ruled that there is no breach of contract or passenger agreement that entitles passengers to sanitary safe accommodations.

Judge Graham stated, “The contract ticket makes no express guarantee for safe passage, a seaworthy vessel, adequate and wholesome food, and sanitary and safe living conditions,” reported CNN.

So it appears that before you step on board a cruise ship make certain you bring your own supply of air freshener as well as hip boots, just in case…just in case.

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