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Did Bob Webster Intimidate New Code Enforcement Officer David Miller?

Bob Webster illegally widening the driveway at 57 State Street.

According to a member of the Brockport Village Board, Bob Webster threatened to take the Village to court, and that’s why new code enforcement officer David Miller did not issue Webster an appearance ticket or a nasty letter for illegally widening the driveway at 57 State Street back on July 22.

David Miller says that Bob Webster promised to repair the damage and restore the driveway to its previous condition, but he hasn’t done so.

In his nasty letters to Brockport residents that he has cited for minor code violations, Miller gave people a week to take action or he would take them to court.

It has been 19 days since Bob Webster violated the Village Code, and David Miller doesn’t seem motivated to bring Bob Webster into court.

According to the member of the Village Board, Bob Webster told new code enforcement officer David Miller that if the matter went before a judge on the Sweden Town Court that the judge would dismiss the charges, just as they have done so often in the past.

Keep in mind, it’s all hearsay, but the source is a reliable, upstanding member of the community who has a spotless reputation for honesty and integrity.

So while the word didn’t come straight from the horse’s mouth, it did come from someone in the know who has access to the horse stall in the barn.

If the story is true, it’s the best case anyone has ever made to support the formation of a Village Court to ensure that justice is dealt with fairly in Brockport.

If the story is false, then it shows that even Brockport’s most respected citizens have totally lost faith in the honesty and integrity of the Sweden Town Court, which has a long inglorious record of ignoring code violations in the Village of Brockport.

With a Village Court, maybe the judges will no longer routinely dismiss the charges in code violation cases.

And when they do impose a fine, maybe the slap on the wrist for code violations will stop.

Maybe the judges on the new Village Court will impose fines large enough to make the slumlords realize that it is no longer profitable to violate the Village Code with impunity.

Or maybe the judges on the new Village Court will be intimidated by the slumlords just as the Sweden Town Justices have been.

Maybe the new Village Justices will be just as intimidated by Bob Webster as new code enforcement officer David Miller seems to have been when he confronted Bob Webster about illegally widening the driveway.

Only time will tell.

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