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Did Blake Shelton’s Twitter prank on Adam Levine go too far?

Blake Shelton gives out the phone number of Adam Levine on Twitter. Did he take the joke too far?
Photo by Photo by Frederick M. Brown

Blake Shelton’s prank on Twitter may just have gone too far, judging from the response of Adam Levine. The “joke” began when country singer Shelton threatened on the April 28 episode of the TV show “The Voice” to share musician Levine’s phone number publicly on Twitter. The two celebrities sit as judges on the TV show, and both have huge Twitter followings.

The prank began when Blake Shelton began to send out Tweets just before and during “The Voice” episode that aired live Monday evening. He tagged Adam Levine on Twitter with jokes, as he has done before. In fact, the two have become well known on the show and many social media networks for their playful antics within one another.

Shelton Tweeted to Adam Levine that evening a message that was teasing in tone. It indicated that he (Shelton) would give out Levine’s phone number publicly on the social media network. What Shelton Tweeted to Levine was:

I just found the craziest thing in my phone!!! Your PERSONAL cell phone number… hope I’m not stupid enough to tweet it out…

As Shelton is known for being humorous in his Twitter activity, telling jokes and kidding around with fans, the way he does on the television show, the Tweet was not out of character. That particular Tweet was then followed by messages in which Shelton threatened to give out the number. He asked fans:

Who wants @adamlevine’s personal cell number??

To date that Tweet has been favorite on the network over 16,000 times. After sending that message, Blake Shelton did post Adam Levine’s personal cell number on his Twitter feed. He also added the words “Think I'm kidding? Try calling it!!”

The Tweet was sent out publicly to Blake Shelton’s 6.09 million fans on the network. The response was quite an uproar, both on Twitter and on “The Voice” stage, where Adam Levine said from his judge’s chair that what Shelton did by giving out his phone number was “not cool at all.” He then proceeded to receive calls from people who did dial the number given in the Tweet. Yes, it was his real phone number posted publicly.

On Twitter, fans of Levine and Shelton have expressed mixed reactions to the event. Some fans of "The Voice" enjoyed the prank, such as @mamacoxy, who Tweeted, “You two are hilarious!” Other fans expressed disapproval over Shelton’s disclosure of Levine’s phone number. For example, @proorganizing Tweeted to Shelton today that:

You LOST my respect last night!

To that comment, Blake responded: “Don’t worry… I’ll get over it.” And he just might be enjoying all of the attention on Twitter for sharing the phone number. What do you think? Did Blake Shelton’s Twitter Prank on his "The Voice" co-judge Adam Levine go too far?

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