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Did Beyonce have a nip slip at the 2014 Grammys?

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For the most part, the 2014 Grammys was very calm and quiet compared to previous years. That is except for one small event involving the ever beloved and at the same time hated, Beyonce. Some people claimed to be able to see the pop star’s nipple during the performance of “Drunk Love”, during which Jay-Z later joined. Then, Twitter went crazy, as it usually does at pop culture events such as this, and the legend of the Beyonce nip slip was born.

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Finally, amidst the chaos of prepubescent boys flipping out and the haters ripping the pop queen, a Twitter user posted the picture that will most likely go around the world. Here is the link to the photo of Beyonce’s wardrobe malfunction, well maybe.

You see most performers who wear sheer or otherwise revealing outfits often apply something called “pasties”, or small pieces of fabric, in order to disguise their nipples in case of a wardrobe malfunction. While this picture of Beyonce’s cleavage appears to be more risque than it is, the most likely explanation is the existence of a fabric pasty.

What do you think of the Beyonce wardrobe malfunction picture?

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