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Did Barnes & Noble leak the release date of 5th Edition D&D?

The 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons was previously announced by Wizards of the Coast to be released in summer 2014, but we might now have an official release date thanks to a book posting on Barnes & Noble. According to, the "D&D Players's [sic] Handbook" will be released on August 19, 2014. This tell us a few things:

  • August 19 is immediately after Gen Con, which takes place August 14 through August 17, making it about right for a special early release at the convention and a wider distribution shortly thereafter.
  • There is no mention of 5th Edition. It's been discussed earlier that the latest iteration of Dungeons & Dragons will simply be "Dungeons & Dragons."
  • The book will retail for $49.95.
  • Whoever added the entry couldn't make up their mind as to how to use an apostrophe with an "s," so they just didn't decide.

Additionally, a "D&D Starter Set" is listed for release on July 15, 2014 at $19.99. This might account for why Wizards of the Coast only committed to "summer 2014" for its release as it builds up to Gen Con. This is consistent with my predictions for D&D in 2014. We'll see if the other elements I predicted (Open Game License, campaign settings, PDF formats) come true soon enough.

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