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Did baby Delano's dad lie about kidnapping?

Where is this missing infant?
Where is this missing infant?
Photo provided to the media; Delano Wilson

New developments in the disappearance of baby Delano Wilson indicate public scrutiny is being cast in the direction of the infant's father. This Friday news report reveals that police are questioning the inconsistencies in Willie Wilson's story. However, officials have also been careful to note that he is not yet a person of interest in the infant's disappearance. Willie Wilson told authorities a handful of days ago that he was attacked in broad daylight by a man and woman who brandished a firearm at him. He said that he "blacked out," and when he woke up his child was missing.

"You can look at the interviews that he has done with our local media affiliates and you can see there are some inconsistencies of what he is saying...but that's not the focus of what we are doing. We just need to fill in some of those holes to be able to find Delano," an official working the case said.

These developments come after reports that a tank had been searched for the missing infant. This news report reveals that the tank was drained and scoured by police officials, but no sign of missing baby Delano were found. Officials are also referring to the search for the Indianapolis baby as a "search and rescue" effort. It's hard to read into what this means, other than the idea that they think the baby may have been abducted and perhaps "ditched" by the kidnappers.