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Did baby Coopers parents co-conspire to kill him just hours before his murder?

New evidence has proven that Leanna Harris searched "hot car fatalities" before her son died in family SUV.

The Harris's were seemingly a happy family, but new evidence has surfaced to show that both of his parents may have very likely co-conspired to kill the little boy in a hot car fatality. Were they trying to pull off the perfect murder?
Courtesy of WXIA-TV, Atlanta

Hot car deaths continue to rise, but how many are really accidents?

It is no doubt that summertime can be harsh, especially in southern states. Fatalities due to children and animals left in hot cars are seemingly something we just cannot put behind us. The baby Cooper case has hit the media and the nation never letting up, revealing one shocking fact after another all pointing to his parents having co-conspired to kill their little boy.

We can only be left to wonder after allegations that the father had previously and recently searched hot car fatalities on the Internet before claiming that he had forgotten that the child he had just eaten breakfast with was in the vehicle with him. Even his supporters are abandoning him now.

Even more disturbing, in recent news we find out that the mother had also researched hot car related fatalities. Coincidence? Maybe not.

Leanne Harris has not spoken out much at all since her son perished, and her husband was arrested for his murder. If these new allegations are true, should she not be arrested as an accomplice?

It could be just a matter of time before they announce that Leanne Harris has been arrested in relation to her sons death according to investigators. After all, if the parents were so concerned a bout hot car related deaths would it not be something that they would be consciously aware of when their child was in the car?

Undisclosed and official sources have stated that before this case has come to a close, and once it is all said and done, it is very likely that they could both be found guilty in the murder of their son, Cooper Harris.

With both parents having educated themselves on the topic of "hot car fatalities" they both know exactly what kind of torturous and horrific death would have and ultimately did become their son. Both parents know exactly what kind of suffering Cooper suffered facing a fatality of this nature.

Surely nobody would do this to a child, or would they? Ross Harris heard his car alarm go off several times during the day, should that not have been a reminder?

The majority of the people interviewed agreed that he should suffer the same fate is that poor little boy did on that hot Georgia day.

Had he not went out to that car to put something in it during his lunch hour, had he not had breakfast with that little boy only 2/10 of a mile from where he worked and had he not searched that particular subject, would he not have pulled off the perfect murder? How many others have done just that?

Hearing that his father was capable of something like this was incomprehensible to so many people, but to find out in recent news that this child's mother who carried him for nine months may very well be an accomplice if not the mastermind behind such horrific actions is the purest form of evil in existence today.

We cannot risk thinking that because of their unguarded Internet searches that they will be punished. After all, Casey Anthony had searched chloroform and she's walking free today. Children in America today are being failed by the system, and many are being slaughtered by the parents that were appointed to protect them. Where does it stop?

"I forgot" is no longer acceptable, and it should not be tolerated for any reason.

It is time that hot car related deaths carry stricter penalties regardless of the excuse or reasons given as to why child was left in the car. Past cases need to be re-investigated over and over until answers surface, and future cases should all fall under a no-nonsense policy.

It's time for the justice system to step up and protect these children by helping parents to remember where their kids are, because right now it seems like you can just shut the car door and walk away with your kid in the back seat and get away with murder.

This forgetfulness should at the very least to be attempted or involuntary manslaughter (involuntary only for argument sake that they actually forgot) and it should carry the strictest penalties under the law.

That is not just my opinion, but it is the opinion of many others who were interviewed during the debate on whether or not it is possible to actually forget a child in a vehicle even for a few moments let alone for hours on end.

The truth is we live in a world with the bogeyman is no longer outside.

Many times the bogeyman is right in our own home. All too often we hear stories on the news of children being murdered at the hands of their parents. One can only be left to search for an answer as to what has happened within our culture?

More importantly, where do we begin to to replace this seemingly demonic behavior that has become so mainstream with the good old-fashioned humanity that many of us grew up with?

The scariest question; what kind of world will our children live in when they are our age if the deterioration of humanity this nation continues on such a rapid downward spiral?

The Incident that Allegedly led to Coopers Death

It is said that Ross Harris was to drive Cooper to daycare. Oddly enough, Cooper was still riding in the rear facing position in his car-seat even at his advanced age. Harris stopped to eat and fed Cooper at the local Chick Fil A about 2/10 of a mile from his workplace.

According to Ross Harris's statement and the warrant, within that short drive from the restaurant to Harris's job he forgot the child was strapped inside the family SUV. The alarms that went off which he turned off from his desk several times throughout the day served as no reminder, and when he went out to his vehicle to place something inside before going back in to finish his day his memory was not jarred.

After a full day of work, at 4:15 in the afternoon, Ross Harris left his place of employment soon thereafter stopping at a local shopping center and asking another individual to help him with his deceased son.

Harris was allegedly on his way to meet with friends when he discovered that he had left his child in the back seat all day, and Cooper was pronounced dead on the scene.

In all, according to the warrant, it is estimated that baby Cooper spent a total of seven hours in 88° temperatures outside of the vehicle. That means that it got to be between 120 and 140° inside the vehicle at some point. Whether or not baby Cooper was alive to experience that no one will ever know.

It has been stated that it'd gotten so hot inside the vehicle that decomposition had already set in little Cooper's body, and the odor inside the car with a very present reminder of that fact according to investigators who were on the scene of that tragic event.

The Cobb County corner had ruled baby Cooper's death due to hypothermia how ever the manner of death is homicide. Toxicology reports have not yet came in.

When asked whether or not she was angry with her husband, Leanna Harris replied, "Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him."

Justin Ross Harris is currently being held without bond in the Cobb County jail. The nation is waiting to see if Leanna Harris will be arrested alongside her husband in this gruesome death of their innocent child, Cooper Harris.

A note from the Author:

Many say could happen to anyone, and I beg to differ! I'm a mother of four-year-old child, and I could never forget my child in a vehicle. It is just not possible, and I know this to the very depths of my soul without a shadow of a doubt.

Furthermore, I think that the research that this couple did on the topic makes them educated on the subject hence even more responsible for their actions than if they had not been.

However, that is my personal opinion shared by many others that I have had the privilege of interviewing throughout this entire ordeal.

Spring Lee

ACC Writing Services

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