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Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, and Kate Winslet share wedding secrets

Top celebrity weddings news! "Secret celebrity weddings were all the rage in 2012," says TV Guide. On Jan. 2, they published a celebrity news report about lovebirds like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Kate Winslet and her new husband Ned Rocknroll, and (believe it or not) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married secretly. But wait -- has anyone confirmed the Brangelina wedding happened already? Not yet, actually (making it surprising they actually ran with the story lead).

Who is Blake Lively? The "Gossip Girls" star was named on a list of celebrities who got married in 2012 by TV Guide magazine. She married Ryan Reynolds.
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Regarding the new trend in stars celebs taking part in clandestine nuptial ceremonies, they added, "It looks like one of Hollywood's biggest couples may have gotten in on the fun." [Emphasis being on the may.]

According to the entertainment news source, the famous Hollywood celebrity couple known as "Brangelina" might have tied the knot already in secret -- probably because Angie was hoping for a little privacy when she married husband number three.

[That certainly explains no one knowing about the festivities. It also explains why none of the tabloids have been able to produce a 2012 marriage certificate for the star celebs either.]

The American publication noted UK celeb gossip reports started flying after Christmas and gossip trends were still reporting the unsubstantiated rumors that there had been a secret wedding (as of Wednesday). They shared, "Longtime partners Pitt, 49, and Jolie, 37, are rumored to have gotten married on Christmas Day in Turks and Caicos, Britain's The Telegraph [reported on New Year's Day]."

"Over the holidays, the couple vacationed at the private estate of fashion designer Donna Karan along with their six children and Pitt's mother, father, brother and sister..." claims the entertainment news source. A lengthy list for sure, since Brad and Angie already let word leak that when they did finally wed that only 20 or so of their closest personal friends and family members were going to be attending.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently pulled off a secret wedding ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina -- that news is confirmed. Attended by the couple's close personal friends and family, the special event seemed to be all the more meaningful news to discuss because it happened away from the prying eyes of everybody.

As for Kate Winslet getting married, no one really saw that one coming but the news is also confirmed. She might be a top celeb who earns big bucks at the box office, but her name is not in the headlines of celeb gossip reports very often. Apparently it was her third wedding as well -- and the news she got married again really seemed to surprise and shock her family.

Ned Rocknroll is the nephew of billionaire Richard Branson. His real name is Abel Smith but he had it legally changed to the trendy moniker.

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