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Did Adam Hunter cross the line with controversial tweet about Fallon Fox?

According to a Feb. 17 report from, Adam Hunter, host of the popular "MMA Roasted" podcast, has come under fire for a recent tweet he posted about transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox.

Hunter, a writer, actor and comedian who has appeared everywhere from season six of “Last Comic Standing" to Showtime's "Comics Unleashed," was criticized by several people on Twitter after posting a tweet that hinted Fox hasn't yet had transgender surgery to fully become a woman.

"Ronda Rousey said that she'd fight Fallon Fox. It'll be the first time someone has had their arm and c*ck ripped off," Hunter tweeted from the official MMA Roasted Twitter handle.

Fox Speaks Out

Even Fox herself was bothered by the tweet, and she openly spoke out against Hunter's brand of comedy.

"No laughing matter... Not at all. …," Fox tweeted.

The story about Hunter's tweet gained some momentum after Sydnie Jones posted a lengthy editorial on it in a Feb. 17 article for

In the article, Jones argues that Hunter's material is full of offensive jokes and contentious subject matter.

Is she right? Absolutely.

Hunter makes no apologies for his shocking brand of humor, which includes jokes about women he finds attractive and athletes who fail drug tests.

What she fails to mention is that Hunter is an equal opportunity jokester. Sure he might have crossed the line with his tweet about Fox, but he pokes fun at people of all different races and genders.

He is a comedian and his jokes do not come from a hateful place.

A great comedian can take a tough social issue and break it down into something that people can laugh about.

Whether its race, sexuality, gender or religion, good jokes can cut into issues that other forms of conversation can't.

Hunter definitely treads the line of appropriateness, but he shouldn't be labeled a bigot, sexiest or racist over jokes that are clearly meant to be taken with a grain of salt. He takes serious subject matter and turns it into light-hearted material for people to laugh at.

MMA Roasted

Since his Twitter handle is MMA Roasted, it seems pretty obvious that fight fans should know his posts are a "roast" of all things MMA.

A roast is a way to honor a person by subjecting them to good-natured ridicule.

During a roast, an individual is subjected to comedic insults, verbal jabs and funny stories as a mock counter to a toast.

The implication is that the roastee is able to take the jokes in good humor and not as serious criticism or insult, and it is seen by some as a great honor to be roasted.

Obviously, Hunter's intention was to "roast" Fox, not seriously insult her with something she would view as transphobic.

Hunter receives praise from athletes across the globe, even after he roasts them. Recently, he made a series of jokes about UFC fighter Will Campuzano having an erection at the UFC 167 weigh-ins, and the fighter responded by thanking him very much for the shoutout.

He knew Hunter's roast was coming from a place of love, not hate.

However, it's clear Fox didn't take to Hunter's jokes as kindly as Campuzano.

With that said, perhaps Hunter can reach out to her to let her know he didn't mean anything hateful by his tweet and that he's an equal opportunity jokester.

At the end of the day, possibly this situation could be used as a way for Fox to learn more about what it means to be a comedian who roasts people for a living, and Hunter can take it as an opportunity to learn more about the transgender lifestyle.

Did Adam Hunter cross the line with his controversial tweet about Fallon Fox? Let us know in the comments or tweet the author, @EricHolden.

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