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Did 81-year-old great-grandmother deserve to be jailed over her two loose dogs?

81-year-old's dogs land her behind bars
81-year-old's dogs land her behind bars
photo credit - the Blaze

She certainly does not have the look of a hardened criminal that deserves to be spending time behind bars, but according to a judge that is exactly where her actions landed her with two nights behind jail bars. But according to the Blaze, the 81-year-old Mary Magdalene Root was only guilty of not being able to keep her two small dogs from escaping her yard. Hard time in the big house plus a $7,000 fine is what this Maryland elderly cancer survivor on medication has been slapped with.

You have heard the comments before. The law is the law, but in this case the law has gone into the sewer because Root was basically accused of having her dogs run “at large” when someone in the neighborhood snapped photos of the dogs running outside of her yard.

It certainly goes without saying that owners that own dogs and let them roam the neighborhood freely and at will deserve to be dealt with by the harsh hand of the law. As Root put it, “It’s a different thing when you leave your dogs out and you don’t care. But I do care, reported the Blaze.

So when it was time for Root to make an appearance over the matter, she could not make it based upon her own doctor’s order and instead had an attorney. To say the least, the judge was not pleased by Root’s no-show in court and ignored her lawyer’s explanation and instead ordered her to spend time in the big house.

The senior citizen was arrested and thrown into jail with little more than a jail outfit and her bible to keep her comfort those two nights in jail. Fortunately for her a kindhearted person paid her $2,500 bail and she was sprung. But the judge has ordered that the dogs and she are not to occupy the house at the same time.

A petition is being circulated in town to help soften up the judge’s stand on the matter in an effort to reunite her and her pets.

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