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Dictator: Obama now actually trying to imprison his political enemies

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On Tuesday, former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA), and his wife, Maureen, were indicted on federal corruption charges. The 14-count indictment alleges that the couple accepted large amounts of money and expensive gifts from a Virginia businessman trying to gain an unfair edge for his company.

Last year, McDonnell admitted to accepting the gifts and loans from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, who among other things, paid the $15,000 bill for the governor's daughter's wedding.

The McDonnells reportedly returned all of the gifts and repaid Williams.

The Associated Press reported:

McDonnell's attorneys filed a strongly worded motion Tuesday evening seeking the instructions that were given to the grand jury and recordings of prosecutors' statements to the grand jury about the legal validity of the charges. The motion says the government's case is "built largely from immunized testimony purchased with under-the-table promises to a key witness who would otherwise face criminal liability and massive financial penalties."

It continues: "The federal government's decision to use these deceitful tactics in order to prosecute a popular and successful Republican Governor immediately upon leaving office is disgraceful, violates basic principles of justice, and is contemptuous of the citizens of Virginia who elected him."

If convicted, the McDonnells could spend the rest of their lives in prison, as two of the charges are punishable by up to 30 years in prison, and the other twelve carry a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

It should be noted that there are no laws in Virginia regulating the dollar amount of gifts an elected state official can receive.

Confident in their innocence, Gov. McDonnell rejected a plea deal which would have dismissed all but one charge against him and spared his wife altogether.

While governor, McDonnell repeatedly challenged the Obama administration on matters such as illegal immigration and Obamacare. He was seriously considered as a running mate for Mitt Romney in 2012, and viewed as a probable Republican nominee in the near future.

Then, on Thursday, the Obama administration charged conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza with violating federal campaign finance laws.

In a press release, the Department of Justice (DOJ) stated:

In 2012, the Election Act limited both primary and general election campaign contributions to $2,500 for a total of $5,000 from any individual to any one candidate. In August 2012, D’SOUZA directed other individuals with whom he was associated to make contributions to the campaign committee for a candidate for the United States Senate (the “Campaign Committee”) that totaled $20,000. D’SOUZA then reimbursed those individuals for the contributions.

If convicted, D'Souza could face up to seven years in prison.

D'Souza directed the documentary "2016: Obama's America," which made an astonishing $50 million, and is currently working on the film "America," slated to be released on July 4.

Perhaps, rather prophetically, the website for "America," states:

Like it or not America is now the nation that Barack Obama Junior and Senior dreamed of creating. Americans are right to be terrified as they see the transformation of America take place before their very eyes. But it’s at great moments of peril like this that we need to regroup and rediscover the first principles of what made America great."

Also on Thursday, the White House rejected a report from The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which found that the the National Security Agency's mass collection of Americans' emails and phone calls is illegal and should be terminated immediately.

The report stated:

The ... bulk telephone records program lacks a viable legal foundation," and raises "serious threats to privacy and civil liberties" and has "only limited value."

Additionally, the board suggested that all of the illegally obtained data should be "purged."

In response, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, said: "We simply disagree with the board's analysis on the legality of the program. The administration believes that the program is lawful."

So, there you have it...Obama is now punishing those who have opposed him by directing the Justice Department to indict them on trumped-up charges, and vows to continue his unconstitutional spying program on American citizens.

All Americans, regardless of political persuasion, should be outraged and frightened by this lawless, dictatorial administration which seems to believe itself above the law.

And, the most frightening aspect of all?

We still have three years until Obama leaves office.