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Dick Morris castigates Obamacare after CBO report released

CBO report sends Democrats running for cover
CBO report sends Democrats running for cover
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A congressional report released by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now estimates the Affordable Care Act will cost the nation's economy 2.3 million full-time workers by 2017.

Political strategist Dick Morris, once a Clinton White House confidant and now arch Republican claims that "policies that increase welfare benefits discourage people from working," he said Wednesday.

Speaking in an interview on “America’s Forum," part of Newsmax TV, Morris told commentator John Bachman, It sounds very simple, but it's never been said before. They said that if you offer people health insurance, subsidized, people are going to stay out of the workforce.”

According to the CBO chairman, the Affordable Care Act will force employers to cut hours which will mean jobs in the long run. The notion is many workers will figure they can get healthcare insurance anyway, so jobs will be so low in pay, they’ll drop out.

That means up to 10 million people dropping out of the workforce.

Last Tuesday, the CBO reported that because smaller companies will be reducing worker hours to avoid offering health insurance to full-time workers, there will be the equivalent of 2 million fewer full-time workers in the American economy by 2017.

The CBO estimate by 2021 is 2.3 million fewer full-time workers in the economy.

Morris said, “The goal of the Obama presidency is to increase the number of Americans who receive means-tested welfare, increase the number of Americans who don't pay income tax, and decrease the number of Americans in the workforce, because they can create a nation of dependents, of entitlement addicts. They'll perpetually dominate the process."

The CBO report is a devastating blow to Democrats running for the House and Senate in November. "The key thing is to jettison this Obamacare bill and work on changing it and reforming it," Morris said.

He added, "What's really happening is that the Democrats have decided that the way to keep seats is negative ads. It’s just character assassination. The essence of President Clinton's approach to politics is that you reposition on issues, and that's the way to win an election, not just by dumping negative ads on your opponents."

Morris, who was a Fox News commentator during the 2012 presidential election, had predicted Romney would win by “10 points.”

Shortly thereafter, his contract was not renewed and he disappeared to his website.

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