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Dick Morris Blows It!

Alleged political pundit Dick Morris predicted that Romney would win 325 electoral votes to Obama's 213. On the, he stated "Yup, that's right. A landslide for Romeny approaching the magnitude of Obama's win against McCain. On Sunday, we changed our clock, on Tuesday, we'll change our President."

Regardless of your political views, perhaps we need to change our pundits. For example, Fox News pollster, Frank Luntz appeared on the Bill Maher show and demonstrated that he understood the demographics so much better than Dick Morris. Nate Silver was perhaps too biased, but his predictions were also far more accurate than the ones made by Morris. Nate Silver used a variety of polling information. Unlike Nate Silver, Morris seemed to rely on mysterious sources to make his picks.

As of this early morning writing, Morris has still not updated his website. I look forward to seeing his explanations for blowing it so completely.

Morris once got himself in hot water for being with a prostitute. The prostitute was paid for performing a service and presumably rendered those services. Dick Morris was paid considerable amount of money and failed utterly. I'll resist the easy jokes about Mr. Morris and prostitutes.

Somebody should find Dick Morris's prostitute and ask her what her predictions are based on her dealings with her clients. Her polling methods are probably more accurate than the ones used by Morris.

What's next for Dick Morris? Is he going to make Oscar picks? What is Dick Morris's line on this weekend's football games?

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