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Dick Cheney: Obama 'worst president of my lifetime,' Iraq was fine when I left

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney seems to have a different view on the Iraq war than most Americans, and he isn't too shy about his thoughts on President Obama either.

It's been over a decade since the start of the Iraq war when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney claimed that Iraq had Weapons of Mass destruction and that the United States must intervene. Fast forward 12 years, trillions of dollars and thousands of lives later and the majority of the American people, both liberal and conservative, can agree that the war was a bad idea. During an interview on Tuesday with CNN, Dick Cheney spoke about the current administration, stating that it is the worst of his life time.

"(Obama's)the worst president of my lifetime...Jimmy Carter might have been a better President."

The former VP also chimed in on the current state of unrest in Iraq, this time blaming President Obama for many of the problems in the region. Cheney even went on to say that when he and Bush left office, Iraq was actually in stable condition.

“I think when we left office, we had in Iraq a very stable situation...We’d put together a program with a surge the a decision the president made and implemented in 07 and 08 and by the time we left office, Iraq was in relatively good shape. The plan was to have a stay behind force that could continue to train the Iraqis and provide capabilities they didn't have themselves. Intelligence, air and so forth. And what happened was the stay behind agreement was never negotiated...Obama's failure to provide for a stay behind force is what created the havoc we see in Iraq today."

CNN's Jake Tapper highlighted a recent poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal that notes that 71 percent of Americans believe the Iraq war wasn't worth it. The future of the United States involvement in Iraq is unknown. President Obama has said that there would be no combat troops sent to the region, but the president has sent nearly 800 "advisors" and military to guard the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. Whether you agree with President Obama's decision or not, it seems to be more reasonable than what Dick Cheney would propose.