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DICE declares February "Player Appreciation Month", bonuses and unlocks incoming

DICE has revealed that starting Feb 1st, players will receive bonuses for signing in each day, community missions, and special shortcut packs.

EA and DICE declare February "Player Appreciation Month" Battlepacks and unlocks in store for all players
EA and DICE declare February "Player Appreciation Month" Battlepacks and unlocks in store for all players (photo via

The announcement comes via Battlefield's official Blog page, and details that players logging in every day will receive a bronze or silver Battlepack. Battlepacks are battlefields randomly generated unlocks that help players get all their weapon attachments, including scopes and paint schemes, as well as XP boosts for future play. DICE commented that the total of all Battlepack unlocks during the month will add up to about 30 hours of gameplay to unlock otherwise.

DICE revealed in the post that returning from prior installments of Battlefield will be "Shortcut Packs". These packs will unlock all available attachments for an entire class of weapons, in this case all pistols and grenades will be unlocked immediately for use. Battlefield Premium members will also receive the designated marksman rifle and shotgun class shortcut kit. All shortcut kits are 100% optional for purists, and will not greatly deteriorate any gameplay if a player doesn't want to unlock them right away. Dates for the release of these shortcut packs have not yet been revealed.

Battlefield 4 will also be getting two double XP weekends during February, instead of the typical one for Premium only members. One of the weekends will be open to all players, while the second will be Premium only. The dates of these weekends have yet to be confirmed, but typically will be the second and last weekends of the month.

DICE also announced a new feature available starting in February, called "Community Challenges". These challenges will be familiar to those who have played Assassin's Creed, in that the community will be tasked with an objective, like collecting a certain amount of dog tags, and if completed in a given time frame, all players will receive a gold Battlepack.

DICE ended the post by stating they'll be doing multiple interviews with developers and fielding questions as well as input from the community in order to make the title and experience much stronger. For instance, in an upcoming interview it is mentioned that the topic will be balancing and netcode, an ongoing sore spot for Battlefield players.

Battlefield 4 has suffered a quite tumultuous launch, with accusations of insider trading surfacing, multiple crashes and bugs, more than one lawsuit, and directed assumptions that the game was rushed out before it was truly ready. While Battlefield 4 is one of but a few titles that had the task of delivering a AAA experience on no less than 5 platforms, gamers became quite vocal following the launch, and continue to voice their opinions on social networking and Battlefield sites. Following the trying launch, EA and DICE committed that no further DLC or work was to be done until the game was in stable condition.

Next up for Battlefield 4 will be the Second Assault DLC, a revisiting of some of the greatest maps from past titles including, Caspian Border, Operation Metro, and Operation Firestorm. The video at the top of this article has some hands on footage of Second Assault on Operation Firestorm. While Second Assault has been available on Xbox One for some time now, no mention of release on any other platform has been announced barring the typical internet rumors.

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