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Diary of a lost girl

silent screen star Louise Brooks
silent screen star Louise Brooks
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The 1929 silent classic Diary of a Lost Girl starred Louise Brooks. Directed by the German director George Pabst, it is shot in black and white and became a true classic.

The story is a captivating tale of a girl wronged.Louise Brooks stars as Thymian Henning. Despite her innocence, she is punished.  Her father is a pharmacist who has an assistant that rapes Thymian. She refuses to marry him. The baby is forced from her and Thymian is sent to a school for wayward girls. Eventually she becomes a prostitute, then marries a young count named Osdorff who has also been rejected by his family.When he kills himself, his Uncle Osdorff takes Thymiain in as his heir.  

She becomes the head of the school that was so harsh and insists on treating its inhabitants differently. As the story ends, Uncle Osdorff comments," A little more love and no one would be lost in the world."

This movie is a poignant commentary on judgment, comdemnation, and reconciliation. We should all learn from it to have "a  little more love."


  • April Hawkins 5 years ago

    I'm not trying to be funny by saying this, but it sounds like the guy who raped her had a little "too much love". I mean don't ya think?

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