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Diaries Reveal How Drug Demons Haunted Hoffman Before Heroin Overdose Death

Philip Seymour Hoffman diaries showed  drug demons that haunted him
Philip Seymour Hoffman diaries showed drug demons that haunted him
photo credit Net Gazete

For many who followed Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman’s career, they were well aware of his lifelong battle to overcome drug addiction. But according to NBC News, Hoffman was haunted by the resurfacing of drug “demons” that he strived to control when recently visiting Narcotics Anonymous meetings. He explained his waging battles in diaries that he kept.

The two personal diaries were found by police when they entered the actor’s Manhattan apartment and found him dead of a heroin overdose on Super Bowl Sunday evening. The 46-year-old actor still had the syringe in his arm when local authorities came upon his lifeless body and took away, “49 full bags of heroin, 23 empty bags of heroin and several bags what is believed to be cocaine,” reported NBC News.

The diaries appear to chronicle his eventual slide into the deepening wells of depression and tormented, “soul searching” which at times rambled on incoherently, reported NBC News. The disassembling of Hoffman’s continuous drug use war within was chronicled amidst other disassociated comments.

It is the diaries themselves that the essence of the actor’s unfortunate tangled web of drug addiction bears true psychological insight into his anguish. At one point in the diaries he reflects upon, “drug deals he was engaged in while simultaneously trying desperately to remain clean and attend rehab,” NBC News suggests.

The haunting pencil scribbled remarks in his diaries are now forever framed in the cracked portrait of a man famous for his Academy winning role as Truman Capote in the 2005 film “Capote.” He now joins the sad array of other Hollywood stars like John Belushi, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, and more recently Whitney Houston, that meant their death through drug overdose. Theirs and his demons are now silent.

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