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Diane Stretton: Fired nanny is tyrant squatter refusing to vacate family's home

A family is at their wits end with their nanny who they have fired, but she refuses to leave their house. They are also between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the law, because it is basically on the side of the nanny, according to Fox News live on June 27.

Nanny Diane Stretton fired, but refuses to leave family's home. She's a squatter with law on her side!

It seems that Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte’s home is no longer their castle, as their fired nanny refuses to move out and the police have informed the Bracamonte family that there is nothing they can do. They advised the couple that this is a civil matter for court, reports CNN News today.

The nanny, Diane Stretton, was fired on June 6, but told the couple she wasn’t going anywhere. Stretton said she had rights, so they would have to evict her. Anyone that understands how the process of eviction works realizes this means this woman may be with them for a very long time.

Not only is Stretton refusing to leave, she’s no longer helping out around the house, which was what she was there for originally. Fox’s “Five at Five” had a field day with this case and when the dust settled, believe it or not the anchors seemed to side with the nanny, but why?

Apparently the Bracamonte couple doesn’t pay this nanny, she is at their home to watch their kids and do housework in exchange for room and board. This means that not only is this a job for the nanny, but it is also her home. Marcella Bracamonte told CNN News on Friday that the nanny’s demands are getting crazy.

The nanny quit working about a month before they fired her. The couple said the nanny would just stay in her room. When they first hired her she was great. In exchange for room and board she would care for the children and help out with the household chores in their Upland, California home. Then her demands became bizarre.

Stretton wanted the family out of the house for certain hours daily. She threatened to sue when the air conditioner wasn’t turned on. Stretton wrote a letter to the couple naming her terms and what she wanted said Marcella.

CNN tried to get in touch with the nanny using the cell phone number given to them by the couple who can’t get rid of her, but the nanny has not returned their calls. Upland Police Department’s Sgt. Don Dodt told CNN that once a person has established a residence in a home, the landlord or property owner must go to court to get a person evicted.

If ordered by the court, the sheriff’s department would embark on a forceful eviction. The long journey of eviction has the Bracamonte family hostages in their own home. When asked why not just bolt the doors and change the locks next time she goes out. They are afraid she will sue them, as it looks like she's basically made a living out of suing folks. The law is on her side when it comes to her right to be there.

ABC News reports today that Stretton has brought 36 lawsuits against people over the years. It looks like this woman has a habit of using the law to her favor, even if she does twist it, like staying put once fired as the nanny.

California tenant-landlord laws would allow Stretton to sue the couple and with the nanny’s history of lawsuits, they believe she would do it. Stretton appears on California’s Courts’Vexatious Litigant List. This is a list of people who “continue to bring legal action, regardless without merit, with the sole intention of harassment.”

Over the years Stretton has filed dozens of lawsuits, according to court records. The Bracamontes have a new line of attack. They are going to fill their house with people so that she won’t have a minute’s peace. On Facebook Marcella Bracamonte wrote, “I will ruin her publicly! But she will NOT take a dime from us!”

She put posted an invitation to her friends and family on Facebook. She is asking that they to come over to their house as the couple want to saturate their home with people and hopefully intimidate her to leave. Marcella posted on Facebook:

"I need help! I need A TON OF FRIENDS TO COME STAY AND HANG WITH ME AT MY HOUSE! Sleep in the living room all spread out to annoy her!"

On Friday the couple announced that the nanny left yesterday at 5 a.m. and hasn’t come back yet, so maybe she is finally getting the hint?

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