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Diane Kruger takes us into season two of 'The Bridge'

Diane Krueger as Sonya Cross on "The Bridge."
Diane Krueger as Sonya Cross on "The Bridge."
FS/Kurt Iswarienko, with permission

Season 2 of "The Bridge" continues with its second episode tonight in which a bizarre killing attracts attention on both sides of the border, leading to another dual investigation between Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) in El Paso and a reluctant Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir) in Juarez.

"It is a grittier show in the sense that in the first year, we followed the Scandinavian model and it was a serial-killer pursuit." Kruger tells "This year, there are a lot of murders and a lot of killers and the story is more complex. We are not trying to find one person. Sonya's personal life is a big part of this season, and it is a very dark time for her. All of the characters are being explored more, and the scenes are more demanding because of it."

Also on tonight's episode of "The Bridge," reporters Daniel Frye (Matthew Lilliard) and Adriana Mendez (Emily Rios) find more than they bargained for with their first lead into their breaking story. And the mysterious Eleanor Nacht (Franka Potente) enlists the help of a young boy to make her escape.

In the interview, Kruger also discusses Sonya's inappropriate sexual partner, whether she still requires her Asperger's consultant to be on the set, how Sonya's relationship with Marco will change, and more.

How is Sonya going to be different in Season 2?

Like most characters in Season 1, we had to introduce her. This is what she's like: She has Asperger's; she's a good cop. This season we already know who she is, we know all the people in her life, and we know about her sister, so now I can open up the box, and I don't have to explain everything. There's a liberty to it. I think the focus of this season is also to show her in her private life and deepen her relationships with Marco, with Hank (Ted Levine), and also, possibly her boyfriend.

So does that mean Marco and Sonya will grow closer this season?

I don't know. Our relationship is getting tested this season and Sonya has very strong ethical ideas. She is not very good with gray areas, so she does feel that because Marco is able to go between the cartels and the corruption in the police department, he is not always telling the truth. She suspects him of being compromised and not a good cop, so there's a bit of fallout from that. On the other hand, I think, we see her evolve and see that sometimes you have to give up a little bit for the greater good of a situation -- without committing a crime. Things are not so black-and-white for her anymore.

In Season 2, we see more of Sonya exploring her sexuality, but not a romantic relationship. Is that something you will get into later in the season?

I think we are going to try, but it is very difficult for people with Asperger's to make connections with people. They don't read the signs well. So even if she was romanced by a guy, I am not sure she would recognize it as a romantic idea, other than he just wanted to have sex. I think she has a difficult time being social, and I think she has a difficult time with it because of her upbringing. I think she is not someone who trusts people very much.

In this season she is putting Hank, her boss and father-figure, in the position where he feels he has to deal with the inappropriate man with who she is having sex.

You think? One thing I love about the condition of Asperger's is they are very logical thinkers, so, he's hot. But clearly it's unhealthy because she still goes to see the murderer of her sister -- and this is his brother. Since the murderer is dying, I think she transfers all the connections she has with the brother, but at the same time, he's good looking and available. Maybe in a weird way, it feels as if she knows him. It's an interesting psychology.

Does your Autism coordinator need to be on the set every day, or is that more sporadic this season?

It has evolved. He was on the set every day in Season 1, and I spent many months with him before we started shooting last year. I think he is still a consultant on the show and he briefs the directors of each episode and me, of course, but he is not on the set every day because I know so much more. When I have a question, I can call him, or when there is a difficult scene, I invite him to come and he graciously accepts.

It has never been said that she has Asperger's on the show. How do you feel about that?

Clearly, there has been something off about Sonya from Episode 1. I think it is a strong choice not to reveal it. She egged on a lot of people. I think it is scary to not reveal it, but I think it is a strong choice to not, because people who have a condition don't necessarily go around saying, "Hi, I'm Sonya. I have Asperger's." We didn't want that condition to become the focus. , "Oh, she's weird because she has Asperger's." I think there are a lot of people in the world who don't fit in to what you think is socially acceptable, so I think people finally realized, "Oh, she has this condition but yet she is a great cop."

It has also given me the opportunity to raise awareness for Autism and Asperger's. Like me, I didn't know very much about what Asperger's is. I think it is great to see a character be the lead of a show and still be a very complex character. Usually you see them as supporting characters or comic relief.

How does it make Sonya feel to wear your dead sister's jacket? What is its significance?

It was very important to me as we were searching for the character – one of the things that struck me from the original show was that Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) had a very distinct look to her. She drove a vintage Porsche and she had this long coat on. She also has Asperger's on the show. It really set her apart from the get-go. When you saw her, there was something different than what you would expect a cop to wear. I guess that is where the idea of the jacket came in. Elwood Reid, our show runner, agreed, and he came up with the storyline that it would be my dead sister's jacket. How could we design it? What could we write on it that would make it interesting and visually different? It was really Anna Terraza's [the Season 1 costume designer] idea of how the jacket was going to look and what to put on it. It took a big labor of love to do that.

"The Bridge" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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