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Diane Keaton and her battle with bulimia

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Apologies in advance to Dr. Oz lovers. Once again he is late to the game having Diane Keaton on his show talking about her bulimic episode when in fact many outlets including Huffingtonpost and DailyMaily reported this in 2011.

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The infamous Ms. Keaton (Annie Hall, Sleeper, Play it again Sam) is now 68. She has shared her life with Woody Allen and her five year struggle with bulimia.

In her apartment in New York City she ate huge quantities of food only to make herself sick to purge herself of the food. She hypothesizes that the bulimia was stronger than her feelings for Mr. Allen- perhaps an addiction in and of itself.

For breakfast she would eat a dozen buttered corn muffins, three fried eggs with bacon, pancakes and four glasses of chocolate milk. For lunch she would eat three buttered steaks with charbroiled fat on the side, two-and-a-half baked potatoes with sour cream, apple pie and two chocolate sundaes with extra nuts.

Dinner time was truly crazy when a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, several orders of chips with blue cheese and ketchup, a couple of TV dinners, chocolate-covered almonds, a large bottle of 7 Up, a pound of peanut brittle, M&Ms, mango juice, one Sara Lee pound cake, and three frozen banana-cream pies went into her mouth.

You can see her video when in comes out three days after air date on the Dr. Oz show on May 9, 2014.