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Diane Grant and Abby Gray on Charlestown Live - Karen Fabian at Olivia Browning

Holiday Stroll
Holiday Stroll
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Grant, the Webmaster and Business Director of CBA will be on hand to discuss the association’s recent web-site, which describes in detail the activities of the CBA and is also a forum for the Charlestown Neighborhood Council. She and Gray will also be talking about the great holiday events happening in Charlestown on December 4. Last year’s fantastic Holiday Stroll included carolers traveling through the town singing favorite holiday songs. It will be fun to see what activities are planned this year.

Hosted by Peter Looney Charlestown Live airs Thursday nights at 6:30 on Comcast Channel 9 and then re-airs Saturdays and also on the following Mondays. Check your local listing for those times.

  • Sunday November 21 at Olivia Browning in City Square Karen Fabian, yoga instructor extraordinaire, will give a wellness talk beginning at 1 pm.

Everything is gearing up in Charlestown.