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Diamonds from cremated remains of loved ones

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If you want a memento of a loved one that’s a bit more than a box of ashes in your closet, Algordanza, a company in Switzerland, can help. Algordanza takes the cremated remains of your loved ones and turns them into diamonds, according to NPR on Jan. 19.

Algordanza, founded by Rinaldo Willy approximatelyl 10 years ago, has built its customer base to 24 countries. Each year, they turn the remains of approximately 800 people into diamonds.

How is it done? First, the ashes are turned into carbon. The carbon is then put into a machine that applies intense heat and pressure for several weeks. "The more time you give this process, the bigger the rough diamond starts to grow," Willy says.

Most of the diamonds come out with a blue tinge; however, some are white, yellow or even almost black. No two diamonds are ever the same.

I don't know why, but if the diamond is blue, and the deceased also had blue eyes, I hear almost every time that the diamond had the same color as the eyes of the deceased," says Willy.

And as speialized as this sounds, Algordanza is not the only company utilizing this process. An American firm, LifeGem, offers similar services.

The process takes three months and costs between $5,000 and $22,000.