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Diamond worth $7.8 million unearthed in Sierra Leone: 153.44 carat, D+ rating

Diamond worth $7.8 million found in Sierra Leone gets D+ rating.
Diamond worth $7.8 million found in Sierra Leone gets D+ rating.
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A diamond worth $7.8 million was unearthed in Sierra Leone on Saturday, and it is being called one of the “most precious finds of the last decade.” The 153.44 carat diamond is said to be one of the finest diamonds to be found in the last 10 years in Sierra Leone, according to Straits Times on Feb. 23.

The diamond was graded a D+ and while that is not a good grade if you are in school, it is a very good grade for a diamond. Diamonds are graded using a scale that goes from D-Z on a diamond color scale. The Diamond’s grade of D+ means it has virtually no yellow in its color, which is caused by impurities left by nitrogen.

In terms of price only the fancy blue or pink diamonds would match or surpass this quality diamond. In other words, a diamond of equal size would have to be pretty rare or special to match what this one is worth because of its closeness to perfection.

The stone was dug up Kono’s eastern district. In 2013 the biggest diamond found for the year was a 125-carrat diamond. The latest diamond find is bigger. Both big diamonds were found pretty much in the same area, so this location seems to give up some of Mother Earth’s most precious of big gems.