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Diamond in the Ruff: Fargo’s latest and growing foster-based pet rescue organiza

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Amy Dusek

Among other reasons, the frigid winters of the Midwest is a main factor for why you won’t find nearly as many stray dogs and cats as you would driving down the streets of Los Angeles, California or Dallas, Texas. It’s the nature of the northern climate that doesn’t allow strays to live very long without shelter and food, so the need for large organizations is less in comparison.

However, there is still need. Organizations like 4 Luv of Dogs, Humane Society Fargo Moorhead, and newly set-up Diamond in the Ruff see many animal cases in the Red River area that are just as heart-breaking and just as inspiring as those around the country and world.

Diamond in the Ruff began accepting dogs around mid-May and currently has around 10 dogs. They hope to be able to accept and foster cats, soon, but are focusing on a quick turn-around for the animals, one at a time. And it’s been successful so far. Amy Dusek, the organization’s founder, says that they’ve had two successful adoptions and two more going through soon since they started accepting animals. In her letter on the website, she says she “dream[s] of a day where animal rescues don’t have to scramble for room for the overwhelming amounts of animals that need a place to stay.”

Diamond in the Ruff is purely foster-based and staffed and run by volunteers as a non-profit. They work with local citizens and people in the surrounding areas to get the help and shelter needed. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming adoption events, fundraising opportunities, and fostering information.

Situations where an animal may end up in a rescue can vary from abuse and neglect of the animal, to an inability to care for the animal, an abandon animal, or an owner death, all heart-breaking. Dogs and cats can be amazingly strong and resilient, though, just like the region’s people. Since Diamond in the Ruff and other rescues are foster-based—meaning the animals live with a family until a permanent home is found—lives are saved every time a foster opens their home. And there is more love and attention from both ends.

Perusing around the Facebook pages of these pet rescues, you’ll see and hear about the cool stories of pets that have made amazing come-backs to health and loyalty. The animals can show so much love, no matter if it’s a foster home or a loving forever home. Volunteer or learn more about the overpopulation and under-education today.

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