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Diamond Ruff Mix Tape

Diamond Ruff Mix Tape
Diamond Ruff Mix Tape
Kyle Young

Hartford, Connecticut – The Diamond Ruff Project continues to shine as Joe Young, President of Young! Studios, announces the first audition date for the Diamond Ruff film, that is set to be shot in Hartford, CT this summer. The first audition date for the historic film is Saturday April 24, 2010.

Recently, the Diamond Ruff novel became an national best seller. The book has attracted Hollywood Heavyweight Michael Jai White star of, Tyler Perry’s new movie - Why Did I Get Married Too. He has signed on as an Executive Producer and to play Diamond Ruff in the feature film. He stated, “I can’t tell you how passionate I am about the Diamond Ruff movie – this [book] is the most truthful thing I have ever read. I live my life in support of what this story is about.” Mr. White is scheduled to be present for the auditions. For more information on the auditions log on

Since, Joe Young wants to attract as many talented Connecticut artists as possible to the Diamond Ruff Project. He believes that releasing the Diamond Ruff mix tape will create a way to encourage more musicians to be a part of the movie project. The mix tape will feature tracks from 20 underground artists or bands. Joe Young stated, "Each artists will gain national exposure and have the opportunity to be recognized for the Diamond Ruff movie soundtrack."

Cue Lomotey, a member of Young! Studios marketing team is leading the mix tape project. He has been busy recruiting artists, and organizing orientations to spread information about the legalities of the mix tape. Cue is using the orientations as a way to educate artists on copyrighting their music and distribution. Cue say’s, “The mixtape is not just to put out music, we want the artists to understand the business behind putting music out while giving them a chance to get some real exposure and be a part of a project that his making history.”

Unofficially the mix tape may be hosted by Hot 93.7 DJ Go Phenom.  The deadline for submissions is April 24, 2010. The same day as the Diamond Ruff movie auditions.  All artists interested in being a part of the Diamond Ruff mix tape should submit their music to . Music should be in MP3 format and there is a two song limit per person or group.

For more information visit or contact Cue directly at (860) 770-0854.