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Diamante exploding onto the rock scene

Teen rocker Diamante recently unveiled her third single of the year to make the Billboard Hot Single's Chart, "Bite Your Kiss", which came in at #3.

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The grungy female rock anthem follows the release of "Burns" and "Savage", which hit the charts at #6 and #5, respectively.

Diamante's tracks have a powerful edge to them but at the same time she can slow things down much like she does on the heartfelt ballad "Burns".

Recently, Diamante scored Best Rock Song at the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards for "Burns" and at only 17, the rocker has also taken home the title of Best Rock Record at the Indie Music Channel Awards two years in a row, as well as wins in the categories of, Best Young Rock Artist, Best Rock Recording, Best Music Video for and the coveted title of Teen Artist of the Year.

She says that she has been surprised by how well "Bite Your Kiss" has been doing, "It's going really, really well and when the song first came out I was surprised because it's kind of a new musical direction than the music I had put out before. Then the video came out and the reactions got even better because people were just so stoked about the video and how real it looked."

Currently, Diamante is working on getting together a EP. Right now, she has four tracks done and ready to go and is looking to get two more tracks together before releasing it.

When asked what she would tell people about her music she shared, "I say it's contemporary rock because it has the contemporary influences of like Paramore and Avril Lavigne and just I guess more modern bands but it also has a throwback feel to it where it's very much like Joan Jett or Debbie Harry with a little bit of Rolling Stones thrown in there. It's just a big mesh of contemporary rock music and oldie rock music."

Along with Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, she says that her biggest influences were Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin and Guns N' Roses and that she has always listened to a wide variety of music, "I grew up singing pop music and I listen to rap sometimes. I like having that aspect of being surrounded by all kinds of music so that if I like something from a certain type of genre I can incorporate it into my music.

She says that if she had a chance to get out on tour with someone right now she would love for it to be with Tonight Alive, an Australian five-piece pop punk band from Sydney or New York City rock band, The Pretty Reckless, because she feels she would have a great experience out on the road with them.

Growing up in Boston, Diamante listened to a lot of pop, particularly Avril Lavigne who she idolized and Kelly Clarkson, who amazed her with her huge pipes. She actually started out with a musical theater background and says it was definitely a long transition to move over into the rock world, "It was definitely a gradual transformation going from music theater to rock music but I have to say most of my training that I have out on stage now has come from my performing in musical theater. I'm just super glad that I did that for so many years. Musically I started with that and kind of moved over to pop and then over to pop rock and over the years I really pushed to make it edgier and edgier. Yeah, so it wasn't overnight but it's been a good transformation for me."

As far as the music business goes, she says that, "It's challenging for sure. I definitely knew going in that it wasn't going to be easy but I just felt all my life, even before I came out to L.A., that I wanted to do music. I was willing to go through any challenges that were going to get in my way. I just found it intriguing to pursue something that was difficult and maybe that wasn't very rational either!"

Moving forward, she says her biggest goal besides releasing the EP is to get out on tour on a national and international level, "I'd like to do that and maybe open for a bigger band and then in the future be able to head out on my own tour and travel to Asia and Europe. That is my ultimate dream."

When asked what she feels has been the best thing that she has done to move her career forward she says, "Well I've been super lucky to play in really legendary places like the Roxy and the Whisky. I got to perform at Warped Tour two summers ago and that was awesome. I was recently given a premiere from Revolver Magazine and Fuse TV and that was huge for me. I always looked up to them when I was little. Yeah, so just the performances that I've done and the music that I've released with the feedback that I've gotten have all been what I think have been my greatest accomplishments."

One of the most impressive things about Diamante is the control and input that she has had over her own career, "I've made sure to stay an independent artist to this point for that very reason. I wanted to kind of form my own brand and my own music. I mean sometimes it's good to have that criticism and help but too much influence by anyone else on what people think is going to work for you can be negative when you know what is and isn't going to work for you. You have to do what works best for you. That's what's gotten me to this point so far. I'm glad that I've stayed independent up until this point."

When it comes to writing she says that she draws her biggest influence from her own personal experiences, "That's what I really base my songs off of. When something happens to me or someone I know is going through something or when I just want to get something out that's when I sit down and write. I'll write down pages and pages on a certain topic and once I kind of have the idea down I get the music together and start writing to it. Then it just kind of flows because you know what you want to write about. It's not difficult to put it into song form."

Diamante says that the rest of the year is going to be focused on getting the EP out and pushing the "Bite Your Kiss" music video. Once she gets together a new set list of songs it will be time to get out and play more shows, which will certainly include a performance of "Bite Your Kiss, which she says is her favorite song to play live right now because, "It's still new to perform and it has a different energy to it."

Coming up on July 11, she will be playing a show in Pomona, California at the Glass House and then has a show in August in Hollywood at the Avalon.

When asked about her fans, she had some words to share with them, "Thank you guys so much for all the support and for coming to the shows. Keep checking Facebook and Twitter for news updates and be ready for the EP to drop sometime next year. Thanks for watching the videos. Keep commenting, keep sharing and I love you guys so much!"

For more news on Diamante you can check out her offical website at You can also find her on Twitter at @DIAMANTEband and on Facebook at

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