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Diablo II gets a makeover with patch 1.13

Diablo II box art
Diablo II box art
Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft wasn’t the only Blizzard game to receive a patch this week. Despite being released more than nine years ago, they are still hard at work on developing the late, great Diablo II. Even with the third installment in the works, Diablo II’s fan base is still being supported via updates to the critically acclaimed game.

Version 1.13 was introduced to the RPG’s cult following, and is ready for public testing. You too can re-spec your character after completing the ‘Den of Evil’ quest line, as well as not be able to use a system loophole to duplicate items. In addition, a special 'mystery' feature has been added. Maybe there will be banners everywhere advertising Diablo III? You can view the full patch release notes on

Make sure to get together with your friends for some classic Diablo LAN fun. Say what you will about Blizzard’s development speed, but kudos to any company who still supports a nearly-decade old product.


  • jtdub 5 years ago

    I might have to break this out of storage. Of course, I never updated so I could exploit the necromancer/blood golem life gain bug. I'm such a nerd. What's the skinny on 3?

  • Andrew Manshel 5 years ago

    Still no updates from Blizzard on the third installment. They have announced Starcraft II's release for 2010 but have yet to give any timeframe for Diablo. You can keep an eye on Blizzard's main page for more details.

  • Cabron 5 years ago

    This patch is worthless. The only real new feature is the ability to re-spec. Just wait for D3.