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Diabetes wellness event



November is National Diabetes Month and to help people become more aware of this issue, Walgreen's is offering free A1C tests and blood glucose tests in November for National Diabetes Month.

For every test preformed, Walgreen's will donate one dollar to the American Diabetes Association.

The stores in Colorado  Springs, that are taking part:

2785 Dublin Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO80918
Dublin & Union

3480 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO80917
Carefree & Academy

 2921 N Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO80907
Nevada & Fillmore

920 N Circle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO80909
Circle & Galley

1855 Southgate Rd
Colorado Springs, CO80906
NEC of Nevada Ave & Southgate Rd

Not only can you get free testing at Walgreen's but Walgreen' has a nutritional needs calculator, how to's for blood glucose meters, diabetes's assessment and more.

For further information on diabetes, please see the  American Diabete's Association.


  • Phyllis 5 years ago

    Glucose tests are simple enough to do at home, but the AIC test is something a diabetic ordinarily must have done at a lab. It's great that Walgreens is doing them free, and the AIC test is an important indication of overall glucose control. This is a good way for someone who suspects they might have diabetes, or whose family has the disease, to get a quick test and see if they should see a doctor about their concerns. Thanks for sharing the word with your readers!

  • janana 5 years ago

    That is good to know.