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Diabetes: The Truth

Recently, I have had two people I know in the hospital for diabetes. One with Type I and the other with Type II. Both of these people had very similar conditions, and almost lost a foot. Fortunately, with antibiotics, and other surgeries they were able to keep them. I am writing about this, because the reason for both being the hospital, not taking care of themselves, and eating the wrong thing.

My friend's father has an infection that spread to the bone. The doctors are hoping the antibiotic will help the infection, so he will not loose his foot. As most of us know any kind of infection is bad, but an infection in the bone is even worse. The other person that is in the hospital, is doing better now, and hopefully will leave the hospital soon. However, when this person leaves the hospital they must follow a specific diet. If she does not follow the diet, she will be back in hospital.

No one including me wants to be told what to eat. I would not like knowing I cannot have a certain food or drink. However, it is vitally important to follow the diet that is given from a physician. They know what is best for the patient. Diabetes is a serious disease, it is not a simple one either. There are many guidelines to follow depending on which one a person has. Type I has to have a certain amount of sugar, and always be cautious of their eating habits, as well as symptoms. Type II has to stay away from certain foods, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight at all times. This is so important for both.

The reason I am writing this article, because I am meeting more and more people that have Type II Diabetes. It is growing at an alarming rate. I would like people to read this article, and learn from it. When a person has diabetes there is no such thing as, just this one time, or I will have a little, OK maybe one more day won't hurt. The truth is it will hurt, and you might pay in way you that is unimaginable.

Written by,

Cheryl A Nocera