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Diabetes Symptoms That All Cats Owners Should Know

Did you know that cats can suffer from many of the same health conditions as humans can? One of these health conditions is diabetes. For this reason, all cat owners should be aware of the common diabetes symptoms that can occur in cats. By knowing the symptoms they get prompt help from their vet early before the condition progresses.

Diabetes symptoms in cats can include the following:

• Increased thirst
• Fatigue
• Cloudy eyes
• Increased urination
• Increased hunger
• Sudden weight loss

If your vet agrees that your cat is exhibiting diabetes symptoms, after a physical examination, he will probably perform some lab tests such as a simple blood test or urine. This will show your cat’s blood sugar level.

If the lab tests show that your cat does have diabetes, there are several treatment options available. This can include diet changes and possible medications that can be given. Treatment options will vary depending on the cat’s blood sugar level and will be determined by the vet.

The good news is that diabetes is normally a treatable condition. However, it is only treatable if it is recognized. That is why it is important for pet owners to know the possible symptoms of diabetes.


Note: Help ensure that your cat is healthy and then he cat be as playful as the ones in the video.

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