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Diabetes medications for dogs

Diabetes is a health condition that affects both dogs and humans. Elderly dogs are more severely affected by diabetes. Medications are available to help control and manage canine diabetes. The medications work by providing your dog's body with insulin. These treatments are usually only available in the form of shots.


Vetsulin is a prescription insulin diabetes medication for dogs. The medication is administered through a needle and it must be given at the same time each day. The specific dosage is determined by your veterinarian. She will base the amount on your dogs age and weight.

The drug is first given to your dog on a trial basis to see how his body reacts. If he does well he can continue on the medication after the first week. Doctors recommend feeding your dog specific portions of food twice daily while on this medicine. Watch your dog carefully to adverse reactions such as lethargy and vomiting.


Glipizide is a prescription medication used to treat dogs with diabetes. This drugs was originally develop for humans, but now it is widely used for dogs and other animals. This is one of the few medications that is administered orally rather than through a needle.


Humulin is an insulin diabetes medication for canines. The drug is administered through a needle two to three times daily. As with other medications the dosages is individually tailored for each dog based on weight. Follow the dosage instructions carefully. Severe reactions include seizures and excessive vomiting.


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