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DHS issues level four condition of readiness

Department of Progressive job security advisory sysytem
United States Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland security has issued a threat alert for the Rio Grande Valley. These alerts were started during the Bush years as a color coded alert system pertaining to threats of terrorist attacks, often referred to as “terror level alert”. The Obama administration marked their turf by changing it to the “National Terrorism Advisory System”.

What threat to national security did Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson find on his visit to the border control station in McAllen Texas? Did he find credible evidence Boko Haram has branched out of Nigeria and now plans to abduct girls from US Catholic schools? Did NSA pick up “chatter” that a dirty bomb will come thru this station? Neither, what he did witness was a threat to the social services or entitlements afforded illegal aliens at the border station. (DHS Alert)

Under the current “no tax dollar left behind” policy Mr Johnson knew Obama would be madder than hell if these children of illegal immigrants were not transported as soon as possible to whatever public housing their parents reside at. (US helps Coyotes) Jeh whose job it is to keep track of these types of things seemed to be surprised by the volume of minors he found at the station. Had he glanced at the DHS and border patrol numbers he would have had fair warning.

Since Obama took office and the Dream Act has been pursued in earnest the number of dreamers hoping to cash in has swelled. In 2009 six thousand were processed, 2010 eight thousand, 2011 thirteen thousand to shoot up to twenty four thousand in 2012. This year the border patrol estimates sixty thousand will virtually turn themselves in for transportation to family reunions in all fifty states.

These are the type of Dreamers that our politicians want us to believe will be responsible citizens. Ones who if they weren’t needed for votes would be prosecuted for child abuse for abandoning their children at home only to make them cross the desert border by themselves for free transportation. Is this how Washington keeps their promise made in exchange for the 1986 immigration reform? The promise to secure the borders while at the same time waving freebees to those standing outside our borders. Just to make sure illegals know what they are offering they have a welcome site designed in 18 different languages. (Welcome to the USA)

The DHS which was formed in response to the worst attack on America ever has been perverted from citizen protection to an arm of the Democrat GOTV (get out the vote). Our return as taxpayers on our almost 60 billion dollars has become a recruitment tool for new Democrat voters. These dreamers will return to their families, easily buy documentation, receive amnesty, and then sponsor the whole extended family. Every social program they apply for will entice them to vote for those that promise the most.

In the interest of transparency of which Obama is so found of, the Department of Homeland Security should now be referred to as the Department of Progressive job Security (DPS). The alert levels will be changed as follows

Low (Green): Elections are over and a minimum of 51% of voters have been fooled.

Guarded (Blue): Election was close need to recruit more dead voters and illegals.

Elevated (Yellow): The poll numbers are falling need a manufactured crisis to distract voters.

High (Orange): Support eroding even among useful idiots in press. Poll numbers below 50%, scandals overtaking message. Enlist support of sister agency IRS to hamper opposition, and NSA to dig up dirt on opposition leaders.

Severe (Red): Election upcoming and internal polling shows heavy losses. Accuse opponents of crimes hard to disprove. (War on Women, Racist, Homophobe, etc) Enlist the last bastion of stupidity in America, Hollywood to support your cause. Pour millions into GOTV to make sure the free shit army, the dead, illegal’s, the mentally challenged and basically the progressive core shows up even if you have to bus them.

Now the next time Jeh Johnson invokes a security alert we the taxpayers will be cognizant to the level of threat to our liberties.

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