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Édgar Ramirez talks about making 'Deliver Us from Evil'

Director Scott Derrickson adds another horror film to his resume with “Deliver Us from Evil.” Inspired by accounts from New York Police Department Sergeant Ralph Sarchie, the movie is begins with Sarchie (Eric Bana) and his partner (Joel McHale) investigating a string of crimes that occur bizarre circumstances. Teaming with a priest (Édgar Ramirez) who uses unorthodox practices, they begin to realize that there is an evil that is slowly consuming the city as a select number of people begin showing signs of possession. had the chance to talk briefly to Ramirez about what intrigued him about the story and working with Bana.

Father Mendoza (Édgar Ramirez) does the best he can to ward off evil forces.
Andrew Schwartz/Screen Gems

What was it about this story that intrigued you the most?

Édgar Ramirez: I think that it was the way the script dealt with gritty subject of humanity beyond the surface of what the plot of the movie was. I think Scott Derrickson a very compassionate story that deep inside deals with the importance of self-forgiveness, empathy and compassion in our daily lives. As in any other good horror film, there is always a metaphor for something bigger, wiser and deeper. In this case, it is compassion and self-forgiveness.

In the exorcism scene, it looked as though that you were physically drained. Did it take a lot of you physically and mentally to get prepared for that sequence?

Ramirez: It was a very tense scene for everyone who was involved in it. It was a lot of work and a lot of preparation because the timing had to be precise and that what Scott wanted. We didn’t walk into the scene relying on editing. We wanted to keep the rhythm and the pace on the set and not rely on the editing process of the movie. We had to be very prepared and very precise.

In working with Eric Bana, did you get a chance to work with him off the set in order to establish some sort of chemistry?

Ramirez: We had a lot of meetings, encounters and discussions on the subject and about the movie. We tried to prepare together as much as possible as we could prior to principal photography.

Deliver Us From Evil” opens in South Florida theaters tomorrow.

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