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DFW Surf, riding waves in DFW

Glow Paddle Boarding illuminates nightlife on the lake.
Glow Paddle Boarding illuminates nightlife on the lake.
DFW Surf

DFW Surf, the new place to enjoy the waves on DFW lakes in a plethora of ways is open for the season offering countless options in surfing, paddleboarding and even surf fitness.

The tour that really caught my attention for summer thrills is the Glow Paddle Tour. This night tour features paddleboards that illuminate the water allowing paddlers to see the water and each other from below, and head lamps to see ahead, giving a new view of life on the lake. An intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding is recommended as a pre-requisite, but not mandatory. Of course, safety is first, so personal flotation devices will be required, but guides will be sure to make everyone feel comfortable throughout the experience. This tour, as well as the Sunset Paddle Tour can stretch to cover one to three miles of the lake, depending on the ability of the group and conditions of the lake. Either tour costs only $30 per person for a ride that can be found in few other places in this part of the country.

Friday nights on Lake Grapevine will offer SUP Glow tours that go hand in hand with fireworks shows from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The season opener at Lake Grapevine is May 30, SUP Glow tour fireworks show, and live music at the island. Check the website for dates and availability!