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‘Dexter’ stars David Zayas and Lauren Velez on NUVOtv’s premiere tonight

Sure, the psychological thriller series “Dexter” ended this past September, but it’s far from over. Our favorite blood spatter analyst is back on the screen tonight, Monday, January 13, on NUVOtv. Now you can tune in every Monday night to catch America’s beloved serial killer at 9/8pm central uncut and in its entirety.

‘Dexter’ stars David Zayas and Lauren Velez on NUVOtv’s premiere tonight
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“Dexter” stars Lauren Velez and David Zayas spoke with Examiner about the basic cable premiere:

Sandra: “’Dexter’ is long over, but the fan base is still going strong. It’s on Netflix; it’s now premiering on cable TV. What do you think it is about the show that grabs audiences’ attention so much?

David: “Well, I think that Showtime had a limited audience, and I think that now with the opportunity for being on cable and Netflix [it’s] going to a lot more people that have got the word of mouth out…and are actually going to be able to sit down and watch it.”

“I think that the uniqueness of the show and how you go on this journey with this serial killer and he explains to you exactly what he’s feeling and why he’s doing what he’s doing is unique in television. I hadn’t seen it prior to that before, so I think that’s what’s pretty interesting about it.”

Lauren: “Also, I think it’s completely unplanned, but it’s having sort of a platform release. As David said, a smaller audience with Showtime and there’s a Netflix audience, and now there’s a NUVOtv audience. I think it’s pretty special that it’s actually beyond the life of the show without being this huge gag in between its next incarnation. It’s just growing, and it’s got its own momentum, and I think that’s really exciting.”

Sandra: “LaGuerta’s death, I think, changed everything. It turned everything around for ‘Dexter.’ Is that the way you wanted to go? How was it leaving?”

Lauren: “You know, it was difficult leaving, but I felt it was the perfect time for her to leave. I felt that she needed to, I feel like it was a natural evolution for the character and that somewhere in her she always knew that she was going to have to face this particular evil in, not necessarily Dexter, but that’s why she became a cop.”

“There’s something really wonderfully fulfilling about it and bittersweet about leaving my ‘Dexter’ family. But I’m glad that she left the way she did – willing to die for what she believed in.”

Sandra: “Batista made it all the way through. Personally as a fan, I thought sine you were viewed as the peace symbol in the show, after LaGuerta the character Batista would be killed off. Were you happy to have made it? Would you have liked to know Dexter’s secret?

David: “Well you know, that’s not for me to decide. It wasn’t for me to decide. My job was to do whatever they did write, whatever their storyline was, to try to make it as real and as true to Batista as I could. I think that I was in all 96 episodes, and I really conducted my journey from episode 1 to episode 96 with what was given to me, and I tried to maintain the integrity of the character.”

Already a fan? Enjoy the series all over again and support the show by tuning in every Monday! And make sure to pass the word along and get a friend hooked on this show!

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