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Dexter Roberts fever: 'American Idol' leaves tour due to sickness

Dexter Roberts
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Dexter Roberts is not part of the summer "American Idol" tour anymore and fans have been wondering what has been going on with him. USA Today shared the news that he is not part of the tour anymore at all. The strange thing is back in July he left the tour and they never talked about it. Fans would go out looking to see him and then he wouldn't be there.

Now it has been revealed that he had Rocky Mountain spotted fever. He actually caught it while out on a hunting trip. Dexter went to his Facebook page to explain to everyone what was going on. He said, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans, friends and family for all their prayers, patience and support through my illness. After months of hospital and doctor visits, I finally have a diagnosis. I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever, with symptoms of fever, rash, headache, abdominal issues, shortness of breath and muscle pain."

He went on to talk about how he found several ticks on himself and started to get sick. Dexter was on the tour already when this happened to him. He is now on medication and hoping to get better. Roberts is asking fans to pray for his recovery. It sounds like he should be fine in the long run but he has not been feeling well.

Dexter Roberts will not be part of the rest of the "American Idol" tour at all. Hopefully he will continue to work on his music and his fans can expect more from him in the future. He has a big fan base and everyone would love to see more from him. This "American Idol" star has a great career ahead of him.

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