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Dexter, a serial killer with "heart"

Dexter, the likeable serial killer.
Dexter, the likeable serial killer.
Season 1 cover

Dexter, a showtime presentation, stars Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under) as Dexter Morgan, a forensic blood spatter expert.  He works for the Miami Police Department.  He has a girlfriend, played by Julie Benz (now his wife and formerly on Roswell) and a sister.  And he has a secret.

Dexter carefully plans and executes the murders of local undesirables.  His police work helps him to keep from getting caught.  He focuses his strong urge to kill on characters who have somehow escaped the law after committing heinous crimes.

Dexter's past is revealed through flashbacks mostly of interactions with his adoptive father (James Remar) who discovers that young Dex has been killing animals.  A police officer himself, he decides to teach Dexter to channel his compulsions to kill into well planned vigilante-type murders.  He shows Dexter how to cover his tracks, assuring him that " you are my son, you are not alone, and you are loved."

His mother and father have both passed on now and the only family he has is his adoptive sister who is discouraged that Dexter keeps shutting her out emotionally.  Through voiceovers he describes himself  as empty and a performer faking normal human emotions.

The show, based on the Dexter series of books by Jeff Lindsay, is created and produced by James Manos, Jr. Current episodes are available on Showtime and the past four seasons can be rented from Neflix and Blockbuster or purchased at Amazon.

Dexter is an interesting and satisfying view for those less squeamish who like to see the "bad guys" get  what they deserve.  It has some great plot twists and turns.  You'll have to watch it to appreciate it.


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