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Dewhurst battles Ted Cruz's national TEA Party support in Senate run-off

TEA Party rally
TEA Party rally
David McNew/Getty Images

According to a Chicago Tribune report Thursday, the TEA Party is seeking another upset in the Texas run-off for Senator. Working from a Dallas area Holiday Inn, Ted Cruz has put out a clarion call for the TEA Party to "tap their social networks and pocketbooks in the final days of a brutal Republican primary runoff against Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst." For many reasons, it appears the TEA Party will rally to his candidacy.

David McNew/Getty images
Tea Party erupts: Taxed enough already!

The Texas Tribune reported that Cruz's campaign was focused on his five-year career as Texas solicitor general arguing cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Tribune report acknowledged Cruz's impressive record, reporting that "Cruz has argued before the Supreme Court nine times, more than any practicing lawyer in Texas or any current member of Congress."

Cruz is proud to tout his record of arguing some of the biggest cases before the highest court of the land. He credits it to his part in "a concerted effort to seek out and lead conservative fights.” Dewhurst is trying to diminish Cruz's "fight" for Christian family values by claiming, “There’s a difference between being a debater and a fighter.”

Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum, described Cruz's run for U.S. Senate as "one of the most exciting races in America." She added, "He has already proven to be a fierce defender of U.S. sovereignty and a remarkable champion of conservative values."

The current president of the Eagle Forum mentioned that while Cruz was out fighting the good fight for traditional family beliefs, "Lt. Governor David Dewhurst increased spending, advocated for raising Texans' taxes, and blocked measures like the ban on invasive TSA searches." She specified, "Ted Cruz was defending our national sovereignty against the World Court, winning battles to protect life, traditional marriage, our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, the Ten Commandments, and the Pledge of Allegiance."

Cruz's proud wins include but are not limited to involvement in the following Supreme Court cases:

  • Texas' successful defense of a Ten Commandments monument on public property
  • Ten Commandments defense for all fifty states - won 5-4.
  • Preserving "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance before the Supreme Court - won unanimously.


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