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DeWayne Woods transitions: 'Never be the same'

The quote "You go through the same things just on different levels", profoundly spoken by Bishop T.D. Jakes, DeWayne Woods resights to correlate his phase currently in life. In a recent interview, DeWayne Woods shares his knowledge on the transitions of his life. New music, new label and teaming up with PJ Morton again, he's moving into a new phase in his music ministry.

DeWayne Woods transitions: 'Never be the same' [photo courtesy of DeWayne Woods; used with permission]
DeWayne Woods, Never Be The Same

Watching Dewayne's life, you would think you were watching sequels. Tri-City Singers with Donald Lawrence, solo career and now new label with new music speaks to where DeWayne Woods has come from and where he's going. Building his foundation under the tutelage of one of the best songwriters, producers and choir masters of our time, Donald Lawrence, DeWayne's face you would see singing tenor with long locks in Tri-City's signature African-inspired attire. God took him through a phase of restoration and healing bringing him out to share words, penned by PJ Morton "Let Go" on his debut solo album in 2006 "Introducing DeWayne Woods & When Singers Meet", which inspired many to give whatever they were struggling with to the one who's able to deliver them. Singing and inspiring others about being delivered seems to be Woods' mantra of sorts.

In this new phase in which Dewayne is transitioning into, he continues the same message, but with the resolve of declaring that "I will never be the same again." The hit single "Never Be The Same", written and produced by PJ Morton, proclaims the cry of victory over and deliverance from circumstances, people or whatever vice that may have held you captive. DeWayne's vocals express the heartfelt promise that's made when our hearts are broken and contrite before God. When you realize where your help comes from and to whom it is that gives you strength to live another day, this song will become your anthem.

The saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" fits DeWayne Woods' decision to team up again with PJ Morton. These two together the chemistry is synergetic. One thing to never forget is what has brought you great results. Even in a new season, those tried and true lessons from experiences are the stepping stones to your future. Among the other collaborations you'll hear on Woods' new project slated for release in late 2014, is the soulful Anthony Hamilton and the incomparable Dave Hollister. Unique talents and distinctive vocals, the finished product of DeWayne Woods' forthcoming album on his new label, Soul Therapy Music, is absolutely going to blow listeners away. Purchase the single "Never Be The Same" on iTunes and other digital outlets today. Follow DeWayne Woods on his social media sites for updates on his new project.

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